This page is about Info mode (‘C-h i’), a major mode for reading hypertext manuals. In particular, the EmacsManual is available in Emacs as an Info manual, providing SelfDocumentation.

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Common Info Commands

Here are some common Info commands. Use ‘C-h m’ in an Info buffer to learn more. You can also read the Info manual about Info (!). It includes a tutorial about Info.

Suppose you want to read an Info manual that is not in your InfoPath – file in the current directory, for instance. Here are several ways to do that – the first is generally the easiest:

    (define-key dired-mode-map "I"
      (lambda () (interactive)
	(info (dired-get-filename))))

Enhancements to Info

I notice that this has the command ‘Info-merge-subnodes’, which can put all nodes related to something into a single page. This is my fondest wish for info: to have everything on one page so that I can just navigate normally without the hierarchy. (Strange, isn’t it?) – Gambarimasu
Yes, and you can also use it to create Info buffers of just certain (multi-node) parts of a manual. Wrt navigating, you might also be interested in the next item below: using Icicles as an Info browser. – DrewAdams

Use with Anything

Anything is a candidate selection framework.

Start with M-x anything-info-at-point, narrow the list by typing some patterns(multiple patterns are space-delimited string), select with up/down/pgup/pgdown/C-p/C-n/C-v/M-v, choose with enter, With C-z description of selected symbol are displayed without quitting anything session.

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