I used to be a vi user. Now I use Emacs. I am a quite happy Emacs Viper user (Viper is an excellent vi emulator, see ViKeys). I do even have an Emacs page: http://www.OurComments.org/Emacs/Emacs.html

It took some time to become an Emacs user, mostly because I am using MS Windows. It is quite a bit harder to start using Emacs on MS Windows than on UNIX-like systems. Therefore I started writing EmacsW32.

And then, since I wanted to edit web pages easily I wrote NxhtmlMode.

Here is my .emacs if someone is interested: http://ourcomments.org/Emacs/DL/elisp/dot-emacs/

If you happen to read Swedish then you are welcome to read my (currently inactive) blog at http://ourcomments.org/blog/ (though this is not at all about IT).