Log4E Logging For Elisp

If you want to get a log when developing in Elisp, what are you doing?

Try to collect up the way in this page.


‘log4e.el’ provides a logging framework for Elisp.

For detail, see https://github.com/aki2o/log4e

Coding Sample

By using ‘log4e.el’, you can develop about logging like the following in your elisp.

(require 'log4e)
(log4e:deflogger "hoge" "%t [%l] %m" "%H:%M:%S" '((fatal . "fatal")
                                                  (error . "error")
                                                  (warn  . "warn")
                                                  (info  . "info")
                                                  (debug . "debug")
                                                  (trace . "trace")))

(defun hoge-do-hoge (hoge)
  (if (not (stringp hoge))
      (progn (hoge--fatal "failed do hoge : hoge is '%s'" hoge)
    (hoge--debug "start do hoge about '%s'" hoge)
    (message "hoge!")
    (hoge--info "done hoge about '%s'" hoge)))

Log Sample

You can get like the following buffer for your elisp.