Minimap is a feature provided by the Sublime editor. It shows a smaller, “minibar”, display of the current buffer alongside the main editing window.

This page is about a minimap implementation for Emacs. In the minibar window, it highlights the portion of the buffer that is currently visible in the main window. This highlight position is updated automatically, as you navigate in the main window. You can scroll the main window by dragging the highlighted area in the minibar.

You can configure the size/readability of the sidebar freely by specifying the font familiy and height. Here are two screenshots of the minibar in action:

With Bitstream Vera Sans, Height 30, with semantic overlays enabled (requires CEDET):

With Proggyfont Tiny, Height 20:

It is in GNU ELPA, so you can get it directly from ‘M-x package-install’, or you can find its code at

Repository at GitHub:


Things you can customize:



Sublimity is a similar package.

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