There are several so-called “starter kits” which provide default Emacs configurations that reflect the preferences of their creators. They are all quite different from the default GnuEmacs default configuration.

Ranked in terms of popularity, as measured by the number of stars on their GitHub repos (mostly updated 2020-07; some size numbers from 2016-01-16):

Name Stars Contributors Commits Size (kb, zipped)Site
Spacemacs 21.4k 1088109329700
Doom Emacs 10.5k 43513718989
purcell emacs.d 5.9k 21309267
Prelude 4.6k 1661360661
magnars emacs.d 1.4k 91490526
Emacs Live 1.4k 39715
Centaur Emacs 1.3k 22344767
Better Defaults 8412324
Emacs Starter Kit 79221568190
oh-my-emacs 70810333110
scimax 628191631
ohai-emacs 3799124170
Graphene 289434740
ergoemacs-mode 2372127991800
ocodo .emacs.d 1004935246000
Wakib Emacs 231938
Rho Emacs 22137~
Onboard 01458