There are several so-called “starter kits” which provide default Emacs configurations that reflect the preferences of their creators. They are all quite different from the default GnuEmacs default configuration.

Ranked in terms of popularity, as measured by the number of stars on their GitHub repos (all numbers as of 2016-01-16, except for the updated 2018-08-25 numbers on Spacemacs and Doom Emacs):

Name Stars Contributors Commits Size (kb, zipped)Site
Spacemacs 15.7k 56874306040
Doom Emacs 1.7k 274336142
Prelude 2723100118880
purcell emacs.d 241713242760
magnars emacs.d 91061359500
Emacs Starter Kit 63019568190
oh-my-emacs 54010325110
Better Defaults 3792114
Graphene 189233540
ohai-emacs 1804124170
ergoemacs-mode 1151325701800
Rho Emacs 311~