Vimpulse was a mode which augmented Viper with Vim features like Visual mode and text objects.

Evil supersedes Vimpulse.[1]


Vimpulse 0.5 (available on EmacsWiki).

Alternatively, clone the Git repository with git clone git://


Place vimpulse.el somewhere in your load-path. Then add the following to your init file:

    (require 'vimpulse)

If you want linear undo/redo, download and install UndoTree.

Vimpulse automatically enables Viper. You can temporarily disable Viper (and Vimpulse) with ‘C-z’.



Vimpulse prehistory started with extended-viper, by Brad Beveridge. Alessandro Piras took extended-viper and enhanced it into a codebase called vimper, which isn’t available online.

Vimpulse history began when Jason Spiro split vimper into two parts to make two projects: viper-in-more-modes 0.1 and Vimpulse 0.1.

Jason was maintainer of Vimpulse from 0.1 (May 2007) until he passed the maintainership on. Alessandro inherited the maintainership from him in June 2009.[2] Vegard Øye inherited it from Alessandro in April 2010.[3] In February 2011, Frank Fischer proposed to merge the Vimpulse and vim-mode projects.[4] Frank’s initiative culminated in a new project, Evil.[5]

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