Download Lisp:visual-basic-mode.el

See also: VbDotNetModeTimAnderson

changes to make it work on emacs 22

You have to make 2 little changes to make it work on a emacs 22 running on a tty.

One is a broken regexp, the other is to remove a check for emacs 19.

here are the snippets:

;;JAVE seems broken emacs 22
;(defconst visual-basic-continuation-regexp "^.*\\_[ \t]*$")
(setq visual-basic-continuation-regexp "^.*\_[ \t]*$")


(defun visual-basic-enable-font-lock ()
  ;; Emacs 19.29 requires a window-system else font-lock-mode errs out.
  (cond ((or visual-basic-xemacs-p window-system t) ;;JAVE just always run this code



You can use this mode to edit VBScript, although the keywords are quite a bit different. If you’re used to scripting in a REPL environment then VbsReplMode might be what you’re looking for. – CharlesSebold

Old Emacs Things for MS Windows

The ftp directory for old things have been moved to where you can find for example visual-basic-mode.el

Discussion of Availability

The latest version of this file I can find on the Wayback Machine is 1.4.1, from August 1998:

If you can find a newer version in the version history below, please post an updated link! – Nick

The HtmlHelperMode homepage has a link to a VB mode. There seems to be a newer version out, however. KevinWhitefoot has extended FredWhite’s original visual basic mode. The new version also understands vbg and vbp files, and automatically loads all associated files.

[BROKEN LINK: this link now gets re-directed to Steve Kemp’s new homepage, no VB mode there - guess I’ll have to write my own - sigh]

The sources are on the web archive :

Did you ask him? – AlexSchroeder refers to [BROKEN LINK 2009-02-25]. Is that a good replacement for AFM broken link? – AdrianAichner

The site currently has no such directory and the xemacs site just points back here. The site and its mirrors seem to be adware bait sites.

I did find 2 links that, for the moment seem to be intact. [BROKEN LINK 2009-02-25] and [BROKEN LINK 2009-02-25] – 2004/06/02 Rick Bielawski (above url 404’s – 2004/09/17 John Sequeira)

The NT Emacs FAQ (see OnlineResources) has more info on Emacs and Microsoft.