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5x5.el — Simple little puzzle game. (by Dave Pearson)


a-menu.el — create a menu from a specified directory (by Seiji Zenitani)

abacus.el — Abacus Calculator (by Valvassori Moïse)

abbrev-sort.el — Insert series of numbers into text (by Will Mengarini)

abc-mode.el — Major mode for editing abc music files (by Matthew K. Junker)

abc-mode.el — Major mode for editing ABC files (by Michael Abraham Shulman)

acldoc.el — [interface to the Franz Allegro Common Lisp documentation tree] (by Larry Hunter)

actr-mode.el — ACT-R-mode/support for Emacs (by Hedderik van Rijn)

ada-mode.el — major-mode for editing Ada source. (by Emmanuel Briot)

advogato.el — elisp mode to post diary entries to (by Ramakrishnan M)

after-save-commands.el — Run a shell command after saving a file (by Karl M. Hegbloom)

agchat.el — comint-based emacs interface for chatting on AgChat (by Noah Friedman)

alert.el — Alerts for severe weather, new mail (biff), anything. (by D. Goel)

align.el — align text separated by whitespaces in columns (by Matthias Helmling)

align.el — Align a region according to a regexp (by John Wiegley)

align-let.el — align expressions in a lisp “let” (by Kevin Ryde)

align-regexp.el — [Align region according to regular expressions.] (by Steve Koren)

align-string.el — align string components over several lines; (by Markus Bjartveit Krüger)

all.el — Edit all lines matching a given regexp. (by Per Abrahamsen)

alossage.el — view-lossage with automatic refresh (by Riku Saikkonen)

alt-font-menu.el — Alternative mouse font menu for X (by Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson)

analog.el — monitor lists of files or command output (by Matthew P. Hodges)

anaya.el — Emacs interface to the Anaya Online Spanish Dictionaries (by Daniel M. German)

andersl-java-font-lock.el — Font lock support for Java. (by Anders Lindgren)

ansi-colors.el — translate ANSI into text-properties (by Alex Schroeder)

ant.el — Utilities for Ant (by Peter Breton)

antlr-mode.el — Major mode for ANTLR grammar files (by Christoph Wedler)

any-ini-mode.el — keyword highlighting for .ini files etc based on a ‘source of truth’ (by Robert Fitzgerald)

anything.el — open anything (by Tamas Patrovics)

anything-config.el — predefined configurations for anything (by Tassilo Horn)

apache-mode.el — major mode for editing Apache configuration files (by Jonathan Marten)

apel.el — [A portable Emacs library] (by Apel group)

aplac-mode.el — major mode for Aplac netlist files (by Brennan Sharp)

apm.el — Using APM (Advanced Power Management) From Within (X)Emacs (by Dinesh G Dutt)

apropos+.el — extensions to standard library `apropos.el’ (by Drew Adams)

apt-sources.el — Mode for editing apt source.list file (by Dr. Rafael Sepúlveda)

apt-upgrade.el — apt-get upgrade front-end for Debian systems (by Richard Klinda)

apt-utils.el — Emacs interface to APT (Debian package management) (by Matthew P. Hodges)

archie.el — query archie servers and parse the results (by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen)

arrange.el — Rearrange and filter lists (by Tom Breton)

artist.el — draw ascii graphics with your mouse (by Tomas Abrahamsson)

ascii.el — ASCII code display (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

ascii-display.el — Highlight special ASCII characters in another buffer (by Colin Walters)

ascii-to-iso-8859-1.el — Functions to convert to ASCII to iso-8859-1. (by Marco Parrone)

asm56k-f-lck.el — [Font Lock Keywords for Motorola 56000 DSP assembly language] (by Luis Fernandes)

aspectj-mode.elAspectJ extensions to Java mode (by Gregor Kiczales and William Griswold)

astronomy.el — [Compute times of astronomical, nautical and civil twilight for calendar] (by Bill White)

async-eval.el — execute Emacs lisp in a separate process (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

attic.el — maintain backups with a time stamp (by Thomas Link)

auctex.el — [package that supports writing and formatting TeX files] (by David Kastrup)

auto-arg-mode.el — Minor mode that makes numbers prefixes by default. (by Anders Lannerbäck)

auto-capitalize.el — Automatically capitalize (or upcase) words. (by Kevin Rodgers)

auto-compile.el — Auto compile support for developers. (by Higepon)

auto-define.el — Define functions on the fly (by Michael Abraham Shulman)

auto-dictionary-mode.el — a dictionary switcher for flyspell (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

auto-diff.el — Automatically generate diff’s for directory contents. (by Steve Kemp)

auto-insert-tkld.el — automatic insertion of text into new files. (by Kevin Davidson)

auto-recomp.el — Automatically recompile Emacs Lisp files (by Michael Abraham Shulman)

autocap.el — auto-capitalize beginning of sentences (by Dave Love)

autoconf-mode.el — autoconf code editing commands for Emacs (by Martin Buchholz)

autofit-frame.el — automatically fit each one-window frame to its buffer (by Drew Adams)

autoload+.el — extensions to standard library `autoload.el’ (by Drew Adams)

autorevert.el — Revert buffers when file on disk change. (by Anders Lindgren)

axiommode.el — [Interface with the Axiom Computer Algebra System.] (by Jay Belanger)


babel.el — Emacs interface to the Babelfish translation service (by Eric Marsden)

background.el — Background jobs in GNU Emacs (by Joe Keane)

backup-dir.el — allow backup files to live in some other directory(s). (by Greg Klanderman)

balance-mode.el — [Major mode for recording transactions and balancing a bank account] (by Bob Newell)

banner.el — make banners from strings (by John Sturdy)

bar-cursor.el — package used to switch block cursor to a bar (by Joe Casadonte)

battery-freebsd.el — Parse apm output. (by Kang-min Liu)

battery-netbsd.el — Display battery status information on NetBSD. (by Daniel Lundin)

bbdb.el — The Insidious Big Brother Database. [phone and address dbase] (by Ronan Waide)

bbdb-expire.el — expiry and expire-proof entries for the BBDB (by Nix)

bbdb-gnokii.el — Export phone entries from BBDB to a gnokii contacts file. (by Martin Schwenke)

bbdb-vcard-export.el — vCard export for the BBDB (by Jim Hourihan)

bbdbpalm.el — BBDBpalm exporter of BBDB database to Palm(R) address book (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

bbdbrc.el — Harmonize message with BBDB+.mailRC. (by Deepak Goel)

beatnik.el — Tries to implement a beatnik interpreter (by Arjan Bos)

benchmark.el — functions for benchmarking Emacs Lisp code (by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen)

bhl.el — From (B)rute text to (H)tml and (L)aTeX. (by Bastien Guerry)

bib-cite.el — Display \cite, \ref or \label / Extract refs from BiBTeX file (by Peter S. Galbraith)

bibfind.el — Client to get BibTeX entries from the web (by Nevin Kapur)

bibtex.elBibTeX mode for GNU Emacs (by Dirk Herrmann)

biff.el — All-mighty biff program in Emacs-Lisp (by HIROSE Yuuji)

bigfont.el — [Implement the ‘banner’ unix command] (by Eli Barzilay)

bike.el — [Calculate bicycle gearing] (by Bob Newell)

binclock.el — Display the current time using a binary clock. (by Dave Pearson)

bindings+.el — minor-mode menus from the mode-line (by Drew Adams)

bk.el — Emacs support for BitKeeper configuration management (by Bryan O’Sullivan)

blackbook.el — edit [mail] aliases file in an user-friendly way (by Hrvoje Niksic)

blank-mode.el — Minor mode to visualize blanks (SPACE and TAB). (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

blinking-cursor.el — Blinking cursor mode for GNU Emacs (by Kyle Jones)

blogger.el — Post to blogs that support the Blogger API. (by Mark A. Hershberger)

bm.el — Visible bookmarks in buffer. (by Jo Odland)

bm-man-cmplt.el — completion of Unix manual page names using whatis(1) (by Yuji ‘bmonkey’ Minejima)

bongo.el — buffer-oriented media player for Emacs (by Daniel Brockman)

bookmark+.el — extensions to standard library `bookmark.el’ (by Drew Adams)

boshiamy-cue.el — [Help for Boshiamy input method in BIG5 Chinese; Chinese page] (by blacksburg98)

boxquote.el — Quote text with a semi-box. (by Dave Pearson)

branch.el — working with multiple branches of projects (by Rob Walker)

breadcrumb.el — Set bookmarks like a trail of breadcrumbs. (by William Wong)

brief.el — Brief-Emulation for Emacs (by Mirko Link)

brief-s.el — Brief 3.1 (TM) keybinding for emacs (by Tong SUN)

browse-cltl2.el — browse the hypertext-version of “Common Lisp the Language, 2nd. Edition” (by Holger Schauer)

browse-help.el — context-sensitive help via a WWW browser for GNU Emacs (by Tim Anderson)

browse-kill-ring.el — interactively insert items from kill-ring (by Nick Hurley)

browse-kill-ring+.el — extensions to library `browse-kill-ring.el’ (by Drew Adams)

browse-url.el — Pass a URL to a WWW browser (by Dave Love)

bs.el — menu for selecting and displaying buffers, alternative for C-xC-b (by Olaf Sylvester)

bubblet.el — a bubble-popping game (by Paul Du Bois)

buff-menu+.el — extensions to standard library ‘buff-menu’ (by Drew Adams)

buffer-stack.el — Smart movement through the buffer list. (by Adrian Kubala)

buffer-thumbnail.el — Maintain an XPM interpretation of buffer contents. (by Thien-Thi Nguyen)

buffer-time-stamp.el — display buffer time stamps in the mode line (by Matthew P. Hodges)

buffer-timer.el — Track your time based on the buffers you edit. (by Wes Hardaker)

buffermenu.el — modifies the xemacs buffer menu to organize files by directory (by Brady Montz)

buffi.elBUildFile FInder, a smart compile wrapper to build multiple [java] projects (by Raphael Pierquin)

button-lock.el — clickable text defined by regular expression, controlled by font-lock (by Roland Walker)


c-boxes.el — Boxed comments for C mode. (by François Pinard)

c-comment-edit.el — edit C comments (by Kyle Jones)

c-includes.el — Find all header files included by a source file (by John Wiegley)

cal-catholic.el — calendar functions for the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar (by Bill White)

cal-desk-calendar.el — Desk calendar style extensions to Calendar/Diary (by D. Dale Gulledge)

calc.el — Calculator for GNU Emacs, part I (by Dave Gillespie)

calculator.el — A simple desktop calculator. (by Eli Barzilay)

calfw.el — Calendar view framework on Emacs (by SAKURAI Masashi)

camelCase-mode.el — minor mode for editing with camelCase words (by C.R.Manning)

caps-lock.el — caps lock mode for Emacs (by John Paul Wallington)

carbon-font.el — fontsets for Carbon Emacs (by Takashi Hiromatsu)

catdoc.el — simple wrapper around the catdoc Word to Text converter (by Steve Kemp)

cc-mode.el — major mode for editing C, C++, Objective-C, and Java code (by Alan Mackenzie)

ccm.el — [Interface to continuus, a Change Management tool] (by Henrik Jönsson)

cddb.el — CD DataBase interface (by William M. Perry)

cddb.el — Get CD Tracks from [2] (by Christopher Bowron)

cdi.el — interface between Emacs and command line CD players (by Matthew P. Hodges)

cdlatex.el — Fast input methods for LaTeX environments and math (by Carsten Dominik)

cdrw.el — Dired frontend to various commandline CDROM burning tools. (by Tony Sideris)

cell.el — spreadsheet-like custom application development system (by David O’Toole)

cfengine.el — editing CFengine configuration files (by Dave Love)

cfm.el — Displays the current function or method on the mode line. (by Davin Pearson)

cfs.el — A frontend to CFS [cryptographic file system]. (by Marco Parrone)

cgi.el — using Emacs for CGI scripting (by Eric Marsden)

change-mode.el — minor mode displaying buffer changes with special face (by Richard Sharman)

check-mail.el — A slightly more sophisticated mail checking function (by John Wiegley)

checkdoc.el — Check documentation strings for style requirements (by Eric M. Ludlam)

chess.el — Play chess in Emacs (by Mario Lang)

chill-mode.el — [Mode for editing CHILL (CCITT High Level Language)] (by August Hörandl)

choose.el — nondeterminism inside elisp. (by Deepak Goel)

chronometer.el — a [not so] simple chronometer for Emacs (by Marcelo Toledo)

cib.el — Complete into Buffer for Emacs (by Carsten Dominik)

cif.el — major mode for editing (mm?)CIF files used in crystallography (by Dave Love)

cldoc.el — show Common Lisp operators and variables information in echo area (by Yuji Minejima)

clearcase.elClearCase/Emacs integration. (by Kevin Esler)

clhs.el — access the Common Lisp HyperSpec (CLHS) (by Sam Steingold)

climdoc.el — An emacs interface the the Harlequin CLIM-2.0 reference (by Larry Hunter)

clipper.el — save strings of data for further use. (by Kevin A. Burton)

coffee.el — Submit a BREW request to an RFC 2324-compliant coffee device (by Eric Marsden)

cogre.el — COnnected GRaph Editor for Emacs (by Eric Ludlam)

col-highlight.el — highlight the current column (by Drew Adams)

color-moccur.el — [show all occurrences of regexp in all file buffers] (by Akihisa Matsushita)

color-mode.el — minor mode for colorizing lines of a file (by Don Knuth)

color-theme.el — preview and install color themes (by Jonadab the Unsightly One)

comint-popup.el — maybe show comint process output windows (by Noah Friedman)

comint-redirect.el — Redirect comint output to multiple buffers (by Peter Breton)

command-other-frame.el — Run commands in another frame. (by Heddy Boubaker)

comment.el — comment out regions of buffers (by Noah Friedman)

commented-info.el — Inserts an information/license header in the buffer (by Paolo Gianrossi)

company-mode.el — in-buffer completion (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

compilation-recenter-end.el — recentre the end of compilation output (by Kevin Ryde)

compile+.el — extensions to standard library `compile.el’ (by Drew Adams)

compile-.el — extensions to standard library `compile.el’ (by Drew Adams)

compile+20.el — extensions to `compile.el’ (by Drew Adams)

compile-20.el — extensions to `compile.el’ (by Drew Adams)

compile-bookmarks.el — bookmarks for compilation commands (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

compjuga.el — emacs interface to the compjuga Spanish verb conjugator (by Bruce Ravel)

completing-help.el — an enhancement to ‘display-completion-list’ (by Yuji ‘bmonkey’ Minejima)

concordance.el — Show concordance table (by Thomas Link)

constants.el — enter constant definitions into source code (by Carsten Dominik)

context.el — major mode for editing ConTeXt files. (by Berend de Boer)

context.el2 — Save some context from previous editing sessions (by David Neves)

coroutine.el — Coroutines for Emacs Lisp (by Michael Abraham Shulman)

counter.el — Insert series of numbers into text (by Will Mengarini)

cparen.el — coloured parentheses in Lisp-derived modes (by Riku Saikkonen)

cparse.el — [parse a c file and allow searching for functions, variables, and types] (by Eric M. Ludlam)

cperl-mode.el — Perl code editing commands for Emacs (by Ilya Zakharevich and Bob Olson)

cricket.el — Get live cricket scores and news updates from inside emacs. (by Anand B Pillai)

crontab-mode.el — Mode for editing crontab files (by James H Gorrell)

crosshairs.el — [highlight current line and column with cross hairs] (by Drew Adams)

crypt++.el — code for handling all sorts of compressed and encrypted files (by Karl Berry)

cscope.el — Interface to cscope browser (by Bill Carpenter)

csde.el — Integrated Development Environment for Csharp. (by Matt Bruce)

csharp-mode.el — major mode for editing C# (by Dino Chiesa)

css-mode.el — Trivial CSS editing mode. (by Lars Marius Garshol)

css-mode.el — Major mode for editing Cascading Style Sheets (by Karl Landström)

csv.el — Functions for reading/parsing csv files (by Ulf Jasper)

csv-mode.el — major mode for editing comma-separated value files (by Francis Wright)

ctypes.el — Enhanced Font lock support for custom defined types. (by Anders Lindgren)

cua.el — emulate CUA key bindings (by Kim F. Storm)

cua-lite.el — a light-weight, extendable & toggle-able CUA emulator (by Joe Casadonte)

cua-lite-bootstrap.el — bootstrap for cua-lite (by Joe Casadonte)

cursor-chg.el — automatically change the cursor form, depending on the context (by Drew Adams)

cus-edit+.el — extensions to standard library `cus-edit.el’ (by Drew Adams)

custom.el — Tools for declaring and initializing options. (by Per Abrahamsen)

cvs-annotate.el — cvs ‘annotate’ interface for emacs. (by Kevin A. Burton)

cvs-commit.el — smart cvs-commit interface for emacs. (by Kevin A. Burton)

cwarn.el — Highlight suspicious C and C++ constructions (by Anders Lindgren)

cycle-buffer.el — select buffer by cycling through (by Vladimir Alexiev)

cycle-mini.el — Cycle through completions with arrow keys (by Joe Reiss)

cyclebuffer.el — select buffer by cycling through (by Kurt Partridge)

cygwin-link.el — Cygwin symlink handling for Emacs (by Edward O’Connor)

cygwin-mount.el — Teach EMACS about cygwin styles and mount points (by Klaus Berndl)

czscm.el — cheezy scheme interpreter for emacs (by Noah Friedman)


d-appt.el — An improved appointment notification system. (by Davin Pearson)

d-flock.el — My personal syntax highlighting preferences (by Davin Pearson)

d-meal-timer.el — A meal timer count-down system that improves over appt.el (by Davin Pearson)

d-testlinks.el — An automated internal hyperlink checker (by Davin Pearson)

dabbrev-hover.el — Tooltip-show the next completion, as does openoffice (by D. Goel)

dacode.el — Lecture de news dacode (by Alexandre Brillant)

daml.el — [Major mode for filescontaining DAML+OIL/RDF descriptions.] (by Mark Burstein)

dar.el — disk archiver (DAR) interface for emacs: a frontend for a backup utility (by Stefan Reichör)

darcsum.el — a pcl-cvs like interface for managing darcs patches (by John Wiegley)

dash-outline-mode.el — A major-mode similar to outline-mode (by Kevin A. Burton)

dbfrobs.el — useful enhancements for debugging (by Noah Friedman)

dcd.el — Interface to the dcd cd-player (by Jean-Philippe Theberge)

debian-bug.el — report a bug to Debian’s bug tracking system (by Peter S. Galbraith)

dedicated.el — A very simple minor mode for dedicated buffers (by Eric Crampton)

def-face-const.el — macro for defining faces & their variables (by Drew Adams)

defaultbanner.el — Update banners or headers when files are visited. (by Christian Queinnec)

defaultcontent.el — Fill new files when visited. (by Christian Queinnec)

defshell.el — Define inferior shells. (by Kevin Rodgers)

delim-col.el — Prettify all columns in a region or rectangle. (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

delphi.el — Major mode for editing Delphi source (Object Pascal) in Emacs (by Ray Blaak)

delsel.el — improvements to std library `delsel.el’ so it works with `completion.el’ (by Drew Adams)

demax.el — Delete too narrow windows when frame if de-maximized. (by Anders Lindgren)

derl.el — Distributed Erlang networking code. (by Luke Gorrie)

desire.el — versatile configuration for emacs lisp packages (by Martin Schwenke)

desktop-kde-recent.el — [Interface Emacs and KDE desktops] (by Michel Schinz)

desktop-menu.el — menu for managing emacs desktops (by stepnem)

df.el — Hack for displaying space left on device in the mode line (by Benjamin Drieu)

di.el — Simple directory editor for GNU Emacs (by Joe Keane)

diary-outlook.el — snarf MS Outlook appointments into Emacs diary (by Dave Love)

diary-pilot.el — export Emacs diary to Palm Pilot. (by Martin Schwenke)

diary-todo.el — display ‘to-do’ list in diary. (by Martin Schwenke)

dic.el — Emacs interface to two English-German-English dictionaries (by Sven Utcke)

dict.el — frontend to dict client (by Alexander Vorobiev)

dict-web.el — Emacs interface to the Online Dictionary Database (by Eric Marsden)

dictation.el — enable voice dictation within emacs (by John Wiegley)

diction.el — minor mode to interface the command diction (by Sven Utcke)

dictionary.el — an interface to RFC 2229 dictionary server (by Torsten Hilbrich)

diff+.el — extensions to standard library `diff.el’ (by Drew Adams)

diff+20.el — extensions to `diff.el’ for Emacs 20 or older. (by Drew Adams)

diff-mode-.el — extensions to standard library `diff-mode.el’ (by Drew Adams)

diff-save-buffer.el — default filename when saving a diff (by Kevin Ryde)

dig.el — Domain Name System dig interface (by Simon Josefsson)

dig-browser.el — a dired-style DNS zone browser (by Ian Zimmerman)

diminish.el — Diminished modes are minor modes with no modeline display (by Will Mengarini)

directory-files-deep.el — Some useful directory functions (by Davin Pearson)

dired+.el — extensions to std libraries `dired.el’, `dired-aux.el’, `dired-x.el’ (by Drew Adams)

dired-a.el — Various dired extensions. (by Inge Frick)

dired-dd.el — Drag and Drop interface to dired/dired-x package (by Seiichi Namba)

dired-details+.el — extensions to library dired-details.el (by Drew Adams)

dired-efap.el — Edit Filename At Point in a dired buffer (by Juan Leon Lahoz Garcia)

dired-single.el — reuse the current dired buffer to visit another directory (by Joe Casadonte)

dired-sort-menu.el — add a ‘sort by’ menu to GNU Emacs dired mode (by Francis J. Wright)

dired-sort-menu+.el — extensions to library dired-sort-menu.el (by Drew Adams)

dirtree.el — functions for building directory-tree lists (by Noah Friedman)

dirvars.el — Local variables that apply to an entire directory (by Matt Armstrong)

disk.el — simplified find-file, revert-file, save-buffer interface (by Alex Schroeder)

dismal.el — Dis Mode Ain’t Lotus. Spreadsheet program for gnu-emacs. (by Frank E. Ritter)

dms-sig.el — Multiple automatically selected signatures (by Dewey M. Sasser)

dna-mode.el — a major mode for editing dna sequences (by James H Gorrell)

doc-mode.el — convenient editing of in-code (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

docbookide.elDocBook Integrated Development Environment (by Norman Walsh)

dom.el — DOM implementation (by Alex Schroeder)

dope.el — Profile Of Dotemacs .. A per-sexp-evaltime profiler. (by D. Goel)

doremi.el — incrementally adjust properties using arrow keys and/or mouse wheel (by Drew Adams)

doremi-cmd.el — miscellaneous DoReMi commands (by Drew Adams)

doremi-frm.el — incrementally adjust frame properties using arrow keys or mouse wheel (by Drew Adams)

doremi-mac.el — macro for defining DoReMi commands (by Drew Adams)

dpans2texi.el — Convert the ANSI Common Lisp draft to Texinfo (by Jesper Harder)

dracula-mode.el — major mode providing a DRACULA rules mode hook for fontification (by Geert Van der Plas)

dupwords.el — find duplicate words in sentences (by Stephen Eglen)


e-mh-alias.el — MH mail alias expansion and substitution. (by Peter S. Galbraith)

e-other-window.el — flash while switching to other windows. (by Kevin A. Burton)

ease.el — the EXAFS Analysis System for Emacs (by Bruce Ravel)

easy-todo.el — Manage your todos in an extremely easy way! (by William Xu)

ebackup.el — Enhanced backup operation for Emacs (by Kevin A. Burton)

ebnf2ps.el — Translate an EBNF to a syntatic chart on PostScript (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

ecasound.el — Interactive and programmatic interface to Ecasound (by Mario Lang)

ecb.el — a code browser [for java, C, C++ elisp] (by Klaus Berndl)

echo-pick.el — filter for echo area status messages (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

edb.el — EDB, the Emacs database; replaces forms editing modes (by Michael Ernst)

ede.el — Emacs Development Environment gloss (by Eric M. Ludlam)

edi-mode.el — edit raw EDI files (by Jeremy Cowgar)

ediff+.el — extensions to library ediff.el (by Drew Adams)

ediprolog.el — Emacs does Interactive Prolog (by Markus Triska)

edlib.elEdLib = help EDit emacs-lisp LIBraries (by Deepak Goel)

ee.el — categorizing information manager for Emacs (by Juri Linkov)

eev.el — embed shell/tcl/perl code and elisp hyperlinks in plain text. (by Eduardo Ochs)

efine.el — Interface to FinnPlace online English-Finnish[] dictionary (by Sami Salkosuo)

eflite.el — [Interface emacsspeak with festival Lite speech synthesizer] (by Michael P. Gorse)

egocentric.el — highlight your name inside emacs buffers (by Benjamin Drieu)

eicq.el — an XEmacs EICQ client (by Steve Youngs)

eieio.el — Enhanced Implementation of Emacs Interpreted Objects (by Eric M. Ludlam)

eiffel-mode.el — major mode for editing Eiffel files. (by Martin Schwenke)

eldav.el — Yet Another WebDAV interface for Emacsen. (by Yuuichi Teranishi)

elder.el — ELDER, the ELisp Document wRitER. (by Deepak Goel)

eldo-mode.el — major mode for Eldo netlist files [analog simulator] (by Emmanuel Rouat and Geert Van der Plas)

eldoc.el — show function arglist or variable docstring in echo area (by Noah Friedman)

elib.el — [Emacs lisp library] (by Inge Wallin)

elip.el — The Emacs Learning Instruction Program (by Thien-Thi Nguyen)

elit.el — semi-literate programming (by Luke Gorrie)

elite.el — Elite for EMACS (by Sami Salkosuo)

elk-test.el — Emacs Lisp testing framework (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

ell.el — Browse the Emacs Lisp List (by Jean-Philippe Theberge)

elmake.el — a “make” for emacs lisp projects in pure emacs lisp (by Michael Schierl)

elp.el — Emacs Lisp Profiler (by Barry A. Warsaw)

elpoint.el — Elpoint – Yet Another Presentation Tool for Emacsen. (by Yuuichi Teranishi)

elpp.el — [Embed arbitrary elisp code within your source code] (by Ali Rahimi)

else-mode.el — Emacs Language Sensitive Editor (ELSE) (by Peter Milliken)

elserv.el — Yet another HTTP server on Emacsen (by Yuuichi Teranishi)

em-zle.el — ZSH Line Editor compatibility functions for EShell (by Emilio Lopes)

emacro.el — [Example startup file for both Emacs and XEmacs] (by Bruce Ingalls)

emacs-cl.el — Common Lisp implementation for Emacs (by Lars Brinkhoff)

emacs-imap.el — a purely IMAP based email client for EMACS (by Nic Ferrier)

emacs-init.el — Emacs initialisation file - commentary explains all (by Drew Adams)

emacs-mule.el — [various Mule-related files, some mod from Emacs 21.1, some new.] (by Dave Love)

emacs-name.el — emacs acronym expansions (by Noah Friedman)

emacs-w3m.el — [Interface to w3m, a tex-mode www browser] (by Masatoshi Tsuchiya)

emacs-wiki.el — Maintain a local Wiki using Emacs-friendly markup (by Michael Olson)

emacspeak.el — Emacspeak – The Complete Audio Desktop (by T. V. Raman)

emacsvfaq.el — [randomly select a one-line answer to a FAQ] (by Charles Sebold)

emms.el — The Emacs Multimedia System (by Jorgen Schäfer)

emvaders.el — clone of a famous arcade game program. (by Lars R. Clausen)

eon.el — object-oriented programming for emacs (by David O’Toole)

eperiodic.el — periodic table for Emacs (by Matthew P. Hodges)

epo.el — [Editing process organizer: supports editing source in any language] (by HIROSE Yuuji)

epop3mail.el — retrieve mail using epop3.el (“extended” pop3.el) (by Franklin Lee)

erbot.el — IRC robot for ERC (by D. Goel)

erc.el — an Emacs IRC client (by Michael Olson)

erlext.el — Socket communication with Erlang External Term Format (by Luke Gorrie)

escreen.el — emacs window session manager (by Noah Friedman)

esheet.el — [Spreadsheet for Emacs or Xemacs] (by Daniel Speyer)

eshell.el — [an OS command shell written entirely in Lisp] (by John Wiegley)

esms.el — [Send SMS messages directly from Emacs] (by Jarl Friis)

ess.el — Emacs Speaks Statistics: statistical programming within Emacs (by Martin Maechler)

etach.el — [Extension for handling MIME mail in RMAIL] (by John M. Rulnick)

etask.el — GNU Emacs extension for managing your tasks (by Rene Weichselbaum)

eudc.el — Emacs Unified Directory Client (by Oscar Figueiredo)

eval-expr.el — enhanced eval-expression command (by Noah Friedman)

eval-sexp-in-comments.el — evaluate sexps in comments (by Alex Schroeder)

excerpt.el — extraxt text & report to main file (by Thomas Link)

expect.el — support for external process communication (by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen)

extview.el — open files with external viewer (by Tamas Patrovics)

eyedropper.el — copy foreground or background color (by Drew Adams)


face-list.el — convenience functions for face customization (by Alex Schroeder)

facemenu+.el — extensions to standard library facemenu.el (by Drew Adams)

faces+.el — extensions to standard library `faces.el’ (by Drew Adams)

faith.el — [Helps reinforce and spread faith in the ONE TRUE EDITOR] (by Deepak Goel)

faq-mode.el — Minor mode for editing faq-like page. (by Yu Li)

fastfuzz.el — Compensate fast for floating-point roundoff error (by Will Mengarini)

fdb.el — Debug filter (Sanity saver) [for use when debug-on-error is t] (by Anders Lindgren)

feedmail.el — assist other email packages to massage outgoing messages (by Bill Carpenter)

festival.el — emacs interface into festival [speech synthesis program]. (by Dave Pearson)

fetch.el — Never type the long remote file name again.. (by Deepak Goel)

ff-paths.el — find-file-using-paths searches certain paths to find files. (by Peter S. Galbraith)

ffap-.el — extensions to standard library ffap.el (by Drew Adams)

fff.el — fast file finder (by Noah Friedman)

fff-elisp.el — find emacs lisp libraries and function definitions (by Noah Friedman)

fff-rfc.el — locate IETF RFC (Request For Comments) texts quickly (by Noah Friedman)

file-confirm.el — Confirm creation of duplicate frames (by Pekka Marjola)

filemenu.el — Mode for buffers that present menus of files to visit (by Will Mengarini)

files+.el — extensions to standard library `files.el’ (by Drew Adams)

filesets.el — filesets [for] (X)Emacs (by Thomas Link)

fileutils.el — unix utils as emacs functions (by Kevin A. Burton)

filewatch.el — watches files for you, and does stuff if they get modified. (by Deepak Goel)

fill-column-indicator.el — graphically indicate the fill column (by Alp Aker )

filladapt.el — adaptively set fill-prefix and overload filling functions (by Kyle Jones)

fillcode.el — Fillcode minor mode (by Ryan Barrett)

find-and-play.el — Interface to find-and-play. (by Marco Parrone)

find-dired+.el — extensions to standard library `find-dired.el’ (by Drew Adams)

find-dired-.el — extensions to standard library `find-dired.el’ (by Drew Adams)

find-files.el — handle globing or regexp patterns for find-file (by Robert Fenk)

find-func+.el — extensions to standard library find-func.el (by Drew Adams)

find-library.el — a library finder with completion capability [+ lists shadow libraries] (by Takeshi Morishima)

find-library.el — find emacs-lisp library with completion (by Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson)

find-lisp.el — Emulation of find in Emacs Lisp (by Peter Breton)

findr.el — Breadth-first file-finding facility for (X)Emacs (by David Bakhash)

findstr.el — Use Windows NT findstr to match expression in files (by David Ponce)

fip.el — Interface to the FIP [French] radio. (by Manuel Giraud)

fit-frame.el — resize (shrink-wrap) a frame to fit its selected window (buffer) (by Drew Adams)

flash-paren.el — flash matching parens a la Zmacs (by Noah Friedman)

flashmaker.el — created flashcard decks using existing dicitonary files (by Alex Schroeder)

floatbg.el — slowly modify background color (by John Paul Wallington)

floating-toolbar.el — popup toolbar support for XEmacs. (by Kyle Jones)

flobl.el — frame-local buffer list (by Kai Grossjohann)

flow-fill.el — interprete RFC 2646 “flowed” text (by Simon Josefsson)

Flymake — an on-the-fly syntax checker for Emacs (by Pavel Kobiakov)

Flymake-cursor.el — displays flymake error msg in minibuffer after delay (by Dino Chiesa)

flymake-for-jslint-for-wsh.el — use flymake with js code, on Windows (by Dino Chiesa)

flyspell.el — On-the-fly spell checker (by Manuel Serrano)

flyspell-babel.el — Switch flyspell language according to LaTeX Babel commands (by 2004 P J Heslin)

fm.el — follow mode for compilation/output buffers (by Stephen Eglen)

fmailutils.el — random mail frobnication utilities (by Noah Friedman)

folding.el — A folding-editor-like minor mode. (by Anders Lindgren)

foldingo.el — A minor folding mode with mouse/menu/face support. (by Christian Queinnec)

follow.el — Minor mode, Synchronize windows showing the same buffer. (by Anders Lindgren)

follow-mouse.el — Automatically select the window under the mouse. (by Kevin Rodgers)

font-latex.elLaTeX fontification for Font Lock mode. (by Peter S. Galbraith)

font-lock+.el — extensions to standard library font-lock.el (by Drew Adams)

footnotes.el — Functions for automatically inserting footnotes. (by Lars Clausen)

fortune.el — Use fortune to create signatures (by Holger Schauer)

fortune-mode.el — Interface to write fortunes quickly (by Michael Abraham Shulman)

fracc.el — French accent towards Latin1, TeX, BibTeX, HTML. (by Christian Queinnec)

frame+.el — extensions to standard library `frame.el’ (by Drew Adams)

frame-cmds.el — frame and window commands (interactive functions) (by Drew Adams)

frame-fns.el — non-interactive frame and window functions (by Drew Adams)

fringe-helper.el — helper functions for fringe bitmaps (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

from.el — Show who messages in mailspools is from (by Henrik Enberg)

fshell.el — enhancements to shell.el (by Noah Friedman)

ftcp.el — a front end for open-network-stream (by Noah Friedman)

ftelnet.el — remote login interface (by Noah Friedman)

ftnchek.el — ftnchek support for fortran mode. (by Judah Milgram)

full-ack.el — a front-end for ack (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

fuzz.el — Compensate for floating-point roundoff error (by Will Mengarini)

fvwm-command.el — Interface to FvwmCommand (and hence fvwm) (by Cyprian Laskowski)


garble.el — emacs interface to garble. (by Dave Pearson)

g-docs.el — Docs Google Client (by T. V. Raman)

gedcom.el — Aid in editing lifelines GEDCOM records (by Matthias Rempe)

geek.el — annoy lusers who think the geek code is wAY ko0l RADIKuL D00D!1 (by Noah Friedman)

genauto.el — helps generate autoloads for your elisp packages (by Deepak Goel)

genconv.el — Table-driven string conversions. (by Christian Queinnec)

ggo-mode.el — Gengetopt major mode (by Matthew K. Junker)

gimp-shell.el — shell for Gimp Script Fu Server. (by Olaf Sylvester)

ginel-announce.el — Compose and Parse Announces (by Stefan Hornburg)

ginel-string.el — GINEL string manipulation functions (by Stefan Hornburg)

ginel-template.el — Template insertion (by Stefan Hornburg)

glasses.el — make cantReadThis readable (by Milan Zamazal)

gle-mode.el — major mode for editing .gle files (by Graham Lee)

global-modes.el — enables activating minor modes globally. (by Hans van Dam.)

globrep.el — [Search and replace in multiple files] (by Martin Boyer)

glyph-highlight.el — Highlight special characters, such as control chars (by Samuel Padgett)

gnuplot.el — drive gnuplot from within emacs (by Bruce Ravel)

gnus.el — a newsreader for GNU Emacs (by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen)

gnus-alias.el — an alternative to gnus-posting-styles (by Joe Casadonte)

gnus-eyecandy.el — add some eyecandy to Gnus (by BrYan P. Johnson)

gnus-filterhist.el — Gnus Personalities, an alternative to gnus-posting-styles (by BrYan P. Johnson)

gnus-pers.el — Gnus Personalities, an alternative to gnus-posting-styles (by BrYan P. Johnson)

gnuserv.el — Lisp interface code between Emacs and gnuserv (by Andy Norman)

gnushush.el — make Gnus be a little secretive in message headers (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

goby.el — WYSIWYG presentation tool which runs on Emacs 21.3 or later (by Kazu Yamamoto)

golisp.el — navigate lisp source code with hyperlinks (by David O’Toole)

google.el — Emacs interface to the Google API (by Edward O’Connor)

google-contacts.el — Support for Google Contacts in Emacs (by Julien Danjou)

grabbox.el — Keep a bookmark file for often used files/text snippets (by Stefan Reichoer)

grade.el — Program for keeping track of grades (by Jay Belanger)

grep+.el — extensions to standard library grep.el (by Drew Adams)

gri-mode.el — major mode for Gri files (by Peter S. Galbraith)

gse-locate.el — [Interface to locate] (by Scott Evans)

gse-number-rect.el — Inserts incremental numbers in a rectangle. (by Scott Evans)

gse-rename.el — Bulk renames made easy through The Power Of Emacs[tm]. (by Scott Evans)

gtags.el — [GLOBAL system for finding functions in C/C++/Java/Yacc source] (by Shigio Yamaguchi)

gtk-look.el — lookup Gtk and Gnome documentation (by Kevin Ryde)

guess-offset.el — Guess tab-width for C-like source codes and adjust c-basic-offset (by Julian Scheid)

guess-style.el — Automatic setting of code style variables (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

gutenberg-coding.el — coding system for Project Gutenberg texts (by Kevin Ryde)

gwizard.el — helper functions for Gtk+/Gnome/Glib/Bonobo programming (by Dirk-Jan C. Binnema)


Hachette.el — Lookup a word on the Hachette’s online french dictionary. (by Jean-Philippe Theberge)

hack-locals.el, — replacement for ‘hack-local-variables’ (by Noah Friedman)

haddoc.el — Browse Python HTML documentation from Emacs (by Martin Blais)

hangman.el — Hangman game (by Eric M. Ludlam)

haskell.el — simple major mode for editing Haskell (by Dave Love)

haskell-latex.el — editing literate Haskell using the LaTeX convention (by Dave Love)

haskell-mode.el — A Haskell editing mode (by Simon Marlow)

hbmk.el — Manage bookmarks in HTML (by Tom Breton)

header-action.el — Do something before sending mail/news based on some header settings. (by Holger Schauer)

header2.el — support for creation and update of file headers (by Drew Adams)

help+.el — extensions to standard library `help.el’ (by Drew Adams)

help+20.el — extensions to standard library help.el (Emacs 20) (by Drew Adams)

help-fns+.el — extensions to standard library help-fns.el (by Drew Adams)

help-macro+.el — extensions to standard library `help-macro.el’ (by Drew Adams)

help-mode+.el — extensions to standard library `help-mode.el’ (by Drew Adams)

helpex.el — useful extensions for the C-h prefix (by Michael Schierl)

hexrgb.el — manipulate RGB hex strings (by ??)

hhm-umlaute.el — support for german umlaute (by Ralf Stubner)

hide-copyleft.el — hide obnoxious copyright prologs (by Reini Urban)

hide-lines.el — Commands for hiding lines based on a regexp (by Mark Hulme-Jones)

hidesearch.el — incrementally search while hiding non-matching lines (by Craig Muth)

hideshow.el — [selectively display blocks of code] (by Thien-Thi Nguyen)

hier-imenu.el — Hierarchical index menus, using imenu.el. (by Y.Dirson)

highlight.el — highlighting commands (by Drew Adams)

highlight-80+.el — highlight characters beyond column 80 (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

highlight-beyond-fill-column.el — highlight lines that are too long (by Sandip Chitale)

highlight-completion.el — completion with highlighted provisional text (by John Palmieri)

highlight-context-line.el — Highlight last visible line when scrolling (by Stefan Kamphausen)

highlight-current-line.el — highlight line where the cursor is (by Christoph Conrad)

highlight-parentheses.el — highlight surrounding parentheses (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

highlight-symbol.el — automatic and manual symbol highlighting (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

highlight-tail.el — draw a “tail” while writing, by smoothly changing background color (by Rafal Jedrusze)

highline.el — Minor mode to highlight current line in buffer. (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

himark.el — marking text by highlighting (by Roland Winkler)

hl-line.el — highlight the current line (by Dave Love)

hl-line+.el — Extensions to standard library hl-line.el (by Drew Adams)

hl-sexp.el — highlight the current sexp (by Edward O’Connor)

hobo.el — remote editting via SCP (by Joe Casadonte)

horoscope.el — generate horoscopes (by Noah Friedman)

howm.el — a wiki-like note-taking tool on Emacs. (by HIRAOKA Kazuyuki)

html-coding.el — coding system for HTML files (Emacs 21) (by Kevin Ryde)

html-helper-imenu — imenu support for html-helper (by James H Gorrell)

html-helper-mode.el — Major mode for composing html files. (by Gian Uberto Lauri)

html-lang-timestamp.el — Set language specific timestamps in HTML buffers. (by Holger Schauer)

html-script.el — narrow/widen on blocks of php, css, javascript and visual basic embedded in (X)HTML (by Peter Heslin)

html-toc.el — creates a table-of-contents on a html-document (by Rolf Rander Næss)

htmlfontify.el — [htmlise a buffer/source tree with optional hyperlinks] (by Vivek Dasmohapatra)

htmlize.el — HTML-ize font-lock buffers (by Hrvoje Niksic)

http-headers.el — Get HTTP headers from specified URL. (by Sami Salkosuo)

http-post-simple.el — HTTP POST requests using the url library (by Tom Schutzer-Weissmann)

httpd.el — a web server in Emacs Lisp (by Eric Marsden)

hugs-mode.el — Major mode for editing Hugs. (by Martin Schwenke)

hyper-compile.el — Different styles of compile with completion (by Paolo Gianrossi)

hyperbole.el — [efficient, programmable information management and hypertext system] (by Bob Weiner)

hyperspec.el — Browse documentation from the Common Lisp HyperSpec (by Erik Naggum)


ibs.el — windows like buffer selection mode by C-TAB. (by Olaf Sylvester)

ibuffer.el — operate on buffers like dired (by Colin Walters)

icalendar.el — Emacs iCalendar implementation. (by Ulf Jasper)

icicles.el — [enhances minibuffer completion] (by Drew Adams)

icomplete+.el — extensions to standard library `icomplete.el’ (by Drew Adams)

ics.el — a major mode for communicating with Internet Chess Servers (by Mark Oakden)

idl-font-lock.el — Font Lock configuration for CORBA IDL files (by Eric Eide)

idle-require.el — load elisp libraries while Emacs is idle (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

idledo.el — do stuff when emacs is idle.. (by Deepak Goel)

idlwave.el — IDL and WAVE CL editing mode for GNU Emacs (by JD Smith)

idna.el — Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications. (by Simon Josefsson)

ido.el — interactively do things with buffers and files (by Kim F. Storm)

ietfdoc.el — IETF Document Retrieval [internet drafts, rfcs …] (by Dinesh G Dutt)

ifile-gnus.el — provides support for using the ‘ifile’ mail-classification program with the gnus nnml backend. (by Jeremy H. Brown)

igrep.el — An improved interface to `grep` and `find`. (by Kevin Rodgers)

iimage.el — Inline image minor mode. (by KOSEKI Yoshinori)

ilisp.el — Lisp interaction support for GNU Emacs (by Marco Antoniotti)

ilocate-library.el — Interactive replacement for locate-library with completion. (by Michael Slass)

imagetext.el — view text comments etc in image files (by Kevin Ryde)

imaxima.el — Maxima mode with images (by Y. Honda.)

imdb.el — Search IMDB (internet movie database) from Emacs. (by Girish Bharadwaj)

imdb-adds-mode.el — Major Emacs mode for editing IMDb data submissions (by Oliver Heidelbach)

imdbs.el — compute movies statistic using your imdb vote history (by Jean-Philippe Theberge)

imenu+.el — extensions to standard library `imenu.el’ (by Drew Adams)

imenu-go.el — Go to definition of item using imenu and tags (by Ilya Zakharevich)

imenu-outline.el — [Create an imenu structure from outline headings] (by Kevin Broadey)

indent-tabs-maybe.el — guess whether to use indent-tabs-mode when finding file (by Dave Love)

info+.el — extensions to standard library `info.el’ - use with `setup-info.el’ (by Drew Adams)

info-apropos.el — Search all Info indices (by Jesper Harder)

infobook.el — keep info node “hot list” (by Noah Friedman)

initsplit.el — code to split customizations into different files (by John Wiegley)

insert-random-quote.el — Insert a random quote from a file. (by Steve Kemp)

install-elisp.el — Simple Emacs Lisp installer (by rubikitch)

ipa.el — In-place annotations (by Tamas Patrovics)

ipp.el — implementation of the Internet Printing Protocol (by Eric Marsden)

ipython.el — Adds support for IPython to python-mode.el (by Alexander Schmolck)

isearch+.el — extensions to standard library `isearch.el’ (by Drew Adams)

isearchb.el — a marriage between iswitchb and isearch (by John Wiegley)

ishl.el — extra isearch highlighting (by Bob Glickstein)

iso-html.el — Translating HTML to ISO-8859/1 while editing a file (by Gerd Neugebauer)

iso-oem.el — set up char tables for ISO 8859/1 for an OEM (ms-dos) font. (by Anders Lindgren)

iso-sgml.el — display SGML entity references as ISO 8859-1 characters (by Frederic Lepied)

ispell.el — Interface to International Ispell Version 3.1 (by Ken Stevens)

iss-mode.el — Mode for InnoSetup install scripts (by Stefan Reichoer)

iswitch-menu.el — Use iswitch to access menus (by Joost Diepenmaat)

iswitchb.el — switch between buffers using substrings (by Stephen Eglen)

iswitchb-fc.el — switch to buffers or file-cache entries with 1 command (by Benjamin Rutt)

itunes.el — control itunes from emacs (by Harley Gorrell)


jam-mode.el — Font-lock support for Jam files (by Rob Walker)

jasmin.el — major editing mode for Jasmin Java bytecode assembler files (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

java-complete.el — [tools for java completion] (by Tapsell-Ferrier Limited)

java-open.el — open source file of Java class name under point (by Rajeev Karunakaran)

javadoc-help.el — Search through multiple online/local javadocs for Java (by William Wong)

javascript.el — Major mode for editing JavaScript source code (by Karl Landström)

javascript-mode.el — major mode for editing javascript (.js) files (by Peter Kruse)

jde-cflow.el — java control statement expander (by Phillip Lord)

jde-gen-extra.el — Autocoding additions to the JDEE (by Ole Arndt)

jde-hotspot.el — hot spot support for JDE (by Phillip Lord)

jde-jalopy.el — JALOPY interface for JDE (by Nascif A. Abousalh Neto)

jde-stack.el — Jump to source from Java stack trace (by Kevin A. Burton)

jde-transmogrify.el — [interface between JDEE and Transmogrify] (by Nascif A. Abousalh Neto)

jdee.el — Java Development Environment for Emacs (by Paul Kinnucan)

jdok.el — Javadoc template generator (by David Ponce)

jess-mode.el — Jess [Java expert system shell] editing mode. (by David E. Young)

jfolding.el — quick and dirty folding package for emacs (by Phillip Lord)

jhg-pine.el — Read a pine addressbook (by James H Gorrell)

jiggle.el — Minor mode to jiggle cursor when changing buffers (by Will Mengarini)

jjar.el — Java Archive builder (by David Ponce)

jlog.el — Helper for java logging/trace message (by Alexandre Brillant)

jmaker.el — Java Makefile generator (by David Ponce)

joccur.el — An improved ‘occur’ implementation. (by Javier Oviedo)

jpack.el — Java package statement generator (by David Ponce)

jpeg-mode.el — major mode for JPEG files (by John Sturdy)

jsee.el — Javadoc viewer (by David Ponce)

jsp-html-helper-mode.el — JSP add-on for html-helper-mode.el (by Ben Tindale)

jswat.el — [interface between JDEE and JSwat] (by Nascif A. Abousalh Neto)

jtemplate.el — Helper for building java class (by Alexandre Brillant)

junkbust.el — tools for configuring the Internet Junkbuster Proxy (by Neil W. Van Dyke)


kbdraw.el — generates html to render a keyboard layout (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

kdic.el — Practice your Kanji using a dictionary. (by Alex Schroeder)

keep-buffers.el — Attempt to prevent named buffers from deletion. (by Steve Kemp)

keydef.el — a simpler way to define key mappings (by Michael John Downes)

keywiz.el — Emacs key sequence quiz (by Jesper Harder)

keywords.el — [extend font lock to multiple variable declarations, struct/class and function declarations] (by Chris Holt)

kibologize.el — generate ravings about kibology, in the style of kibo (by Noah Friedman)

kill-a-lawyer.el — hide legal verbiage at the start of programs (by Noah Friedman)

kill-buffers.el — Various functions to kill buffers by mode (by Diego Calvanese)

kill-ring-search.el — incremental search of the Emacs kill ring (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

killbuf.el — Emacs 19--style kill-buffer for emacs 18 (by Noah Friedman)


labbook.el — provides a labbook log (by Phillip Lord)

labbook-sign.el — provides support for PGP signing the labbook. (by Phillip Lord)

lacarte.el — [Execute menu items as commands, with completion.] (by Drew Adams)

lat1conv.el — convert latin-1 chars to 7bit ascii equivalents (by Noah Friedman)

latex-doc.el — Show summary of LaTeX command/environment/package (by Triet Hoai Lai)

latex-markup.el — Publish an emacs-wiki file using LaTeX markup (by John Wiegley)

latex-spread.el — Simple spreadsheet minor mode for LaTeX (by M. Hermenegildo)

latex-toolbar.el — XEmacs LaTeX toolbar [for common latex symbols] (by Triet Hoai Lai)

latex-units.el — Add a Units sub-menu to auctex’s math-mode’s menu. (by Peter S. Galbraith)

lazy-desktop.el — Modify desktop to open slowly in the idle-cycle. (by Phillip Lord)

lazy-look.el — Lazy observation of language content (by Eric M. Ludlam)

lbdb.el — Little Brother’s Database interface. (by Dave Pearson)

ldap.el — LDAP searching routines (by Andrew J Cosgriff)

ldraw-mode.el — major mode for editing LDraw DAT-files (by Fredrik Glöckner)

lib-requires.el — list Emacs Lisp library dependencies (extends standard library loadhist.el) (by Drew Adams)

license.el — insert a license header into the active buffer (by Marcelo Toledo)

liece.el — IRC client for Emacsen (by Daiki Ueno)

lilypond-indent.el — Auto-indentation for lilypond code [part of dist] (by Chris Jackson)

line-num.el — display line numbers in left-margin (by Darryl Okahata)

line-numbers-mode.el — a minor mode for on-screen/window line numbering. (by Jerry G. Chen)

linemenu.el — Hook function to highlight current line in buffer (by Bill Brodie)

lines.el — lines functions to help deal with data-files. (by Deepak Goel)

links.el — links browser integration for GNU Emacs (by Kevin A. Burton)

linmag-mode.el — Writing articles for the Linux Magazin (by Stefan Kamphausen)

linum.el — Display line numbers to the left of buffers (by Markus Triska)

lisp-index.el — Generate a HTML index of all lisp files in a directory. (by Steve Kemp)

lisp-re.el — Transform REs written in a Lisp like notation to strings (by Detlev Zundel)

list-register.el — [list contents of registers] (by Akihisa Matsushita)

listbuf.el — build buffer menu for use in Buff-menu-mode (by Noah Friedman)

live-mode.el — view/edit a changing file (by Bob Glickstein)

ljupdate.elLiveJournal posting tool for Emacs (by Edward O’Connor)

locdict.el — Using a local Webster dictionary (by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen)

logger.el — log work time and activities. (by Ray Nickson)

logo.el — Major mode for editing Logo source code (by Hrvoje Blazevic)

longlines.el — automatically wrap long lines (by Kai Grossjohann)

lookout.el — Tools for converting an Outlook-csv file to diary format (by Ulf Jasper)

lookup.el — An integrated search interface with electronic dictionaries (by Keisuke Nishida)

lout-mode.el — an Emacs major-mode for editing Lout source. (by Eric Marsden)

lpc-mode.el — syntax highlighting/indentation for LPC (by Vivek Dasmohapatra)

ls-lisp+.el — extensions to library ls-lisp.el (by Drew Adams)

lude.el — hacks for quickly finding LUDE-related files (by Noah Friedman)


m56k.el — major mode for editing Motorola’s DSP56300 assembly code (by Richard Y. Kim)

mabbrev-menu.el — Add a pull-down menu of mail abbrevs to GNU Emacs 19 (by Paul Smith)

mac-key-mode.el — provide mac-style key bindings on Carbon Emacs (by Seiji Zenitani)

macro-generate.el — [Turn a keyboard macro into lisp code.] (by [unknown])

macro-math.el — in-buffer mathematical operations (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

macros+.el — extensions to standard library `macros.el’ (by Drew Adams)

mail-centric-reminder.el — Mail-centric reminder. (by Marco Parrone)

mail-markup.el — Send HTML alternative mail based on emacs-wiki markup (by John Wiegley)

mailcrypt.el — mail encryption with PGP (by Len Budney)

mailrc.el — [mode to view, edit and expand aliases defined in ~/.mailrc] (by Joakim Hove)

mairix.el — Mairix interface for Emacs (by David Engster )

make-hex.el — functions for drawing small ASCII hexes (by Lars R. Clausen)

makeinfo-info.el — view makeinfo-buffer output with Info-mode (by Kevin Ryde)

malyon.el — mode to execute z code files version 3, 5, 8 (by Peter Ilberg)

man-preview.el — preview nroff man file source (by Kevin Ryde)

maniac.el — fill paragraphs like a maniac. (by Per Abrahamsen)

manued.el — MANUscripting EDitor; A proofreading assisting mode. (by YAMAUCHI Hitoshi)

map-win.el — run expressions for various windows (by Noah Friedman)

maple-mode.el — [major mode for editing maple code] (by C. Schwieters)

maplev.el — Maple mode for GNU Emacs (by Joseph S. Riel)

mapreplace.el — Mapping replace commands for GNU Emacs. (by Kyle Jones)

mark-lines.el — triple-click like line marking functions (by Le wang)

marker-visit.el — navigate through a buffer’s marks in order (by Benjamin Rutt)

mas-file-history.el — [menu buffer to select/re-open previously opened files] (by masahiro kawata)

math.el — a mode package for Mathematica. (by David Jacobson)

mathematica.el — mathematica-mode (by Jim Pivarski)

maths-menu.el — insert maths characters from a menu (by Dave Love)

matlab.el — major mode for MATLAB dot-m files (by Eric M. Ludlam)

maxima.el — Major modes for writing Maxima code (by Jay Belanger)

maxima-font-lock.el — [Font lock code for maxima.el] (by Jay Belanger)

mc.el — Midnight Commander emulation for emacs using dired (by Kevin A. Burton)

mc-gpg-file-mode.el — [automatically gpg decrypt / encrypt .gpg files] (by Josef Bauer)

mc-safe-sign-message.el — Code to encrypt message but make sure they aren’t also signed. (by Kevin A. Burton)

mcalc.el — [small and simple RPN based calculator living in the minibuffer.] (by Joakim Hove)

mcomplete.el — minibuffer completion with prefix and substring matching (by Yuji ‘bmonkey’ Minejima)

md5.el — MD5 Message Digest Algorithm (by Gareth Rees)

mdb.el — mdb, the Emacs interface to SQL database (by Michal Maru¹ka)

mdee.el — [integration within Emacs for Mozilla] (by Kevin A. Burton)

mdfind.el — Interface to OS X’s mdfind command (by Jose Antonio Ortega)

meditate.el — talk to ZenMOO and optionally make emacs meditate (by Noah Friedman)

menu-bar+.el — extensions to standard library `menu-bar.el’ (by Drew Adams)

message-utils.el — Utils for message-mode (by Holger Schauer)

message-x.el — customizable completion in message headers (by Kai Grossjohann)

messkeyw.el — automatic keyword support during composition. (by Karl Kleinpaste)

mew.el — Messaging in the Emacs World [MIME mail reader for Emacs/XEmacs] (by Kazu Yamamoto)

mgp.el — Generic mode for magicpoint files (by Christian Egli)

mh-e.el — [Emacs front end for the mail reader MH] (by Bill Wohler)

mhc.el — [personal schedule management package for Mew, Wanderlust or Gnus] (by Yoshinari Nomura)

mic-paren.el — highlight matching parenthesises much more sophisticated (by Klaus Berndl)

mime-compose.el — Utility routines for composing MIME-compliant mail. (by Kenichi Handa)

minibuffer-complete-cycle.el — Cycle through the Completions buffer. (by Kevin Rodgers)

miniedit.el — enhanced editing for minibuffer-fields. (by Deepak Goel)

miranda-mode.el — Major mode for editing Miranda. (by Martin Schwenke)

mirror.el — Maintain a (remote) copy of a (local) file (by Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson)

misc-cmds.el — miscellaneous commands (interactive functions) (by Drew Adams)

misc-fns.el — miscellaneous non-interactive functions (by Drew Adams)

mixal-mode.el — Major mode for the mix asm language. (by Pieter E.J. Pareit)

mkback.el — advanced assistance to manual archiving/backup of files. (by Deepack Goel)

mkhtml.el — create HTML with links (extensions to library `htmlize.el’) (by Drew Adams)

mldonkey.el — Emacs Interface to MlDonkey (by David Hansen)

mma.el — programming mode for writing Mathematica package files (by Tim Wichmannn)

mmm.el — Multiple Major Modes for XEmacs (by Jerry G. Chen)

mmm-mode.el — Allow Multiple Major Modes in a buffer (by Michael Abraham Shulman)

mo-mode.el — decode and view gettext .mo message files (by Kevin Ryde)

moccur-edit.el — [edit moccur buffer and apply changes to the file] (by Akihisa Matsushita)

mode-compile.el — Smart command for compiling files according to major-mode. (by Heddy Boubaker)

modeline-posn.el — enhanced mode-line (by Drew Adams)

modula3.el — [Modula-3 mode] (by Eric Muller)

molpro.el — [major mode for editing molpro files for quantum chemistry] (by Unknown)

momentary.el — momentarily display a buffer, then restore (by John Wiegley)

mona-compile.el — Auto compile support for Mona OS developer. (by Higepon)

monk.el — Multimedia Object Navigator Kluge [play mpeg, mp3] (by sn)

monkey.el — [a nice directory editor for Emacs] (by Tom Lord)

mouse+.el — extensions to standard library `mouse.el’ (by Drew Adams)

mouse-embrace.el — Minor Mode to embrace text with mouse selections (by Stefan Reichör)

mouse-extras.el‘one-click’ mouse commands to scroll, copy/move text (by John Heidemann)

mouse-focus.el — Focus follows mouse in XEmacs windows (by Stefan Kamphausen)

mousymacro.el — Run macros via simple mouse clicks. (by Christian Queinnec)

mouumo.el — completing mount and umount (by John Paul Wallington)

mp3-tools.el — A simple MP3 Tag Editor (by Steve Kemp)

mp3play.el — [Front end for mpg321] (by François Fleuret)

mp3player.el — Interface to mpg123 (by Jean-Philippe Theberge)

mpc.el — A client for the Music Player Daemon (by Stefan Monnier)

mpcel.el — A mpd client (by Jean-Baptiste Bourgoin)

mpg123.el — A front-end program to mpg123 (by HIROSE Yuuji)

msgcodes.el — common and rare Usenet message “encodings” (by Michael Schierl)

msn.el — Client to get BibTeX entries from MathSciNet (by Nevin Kapur)

mspools.el — show mail spools waiting to be read. (by Stephen Eglen)

mss.el — Make smart shortcuts to programs in your Win95/98/NT4 start menu (by Mathias Dahl)

mthesaur.el — Thesaurus look-up of a word or phrase. (by Tad Ashlock)

mtorus.el — navigation with marks on a ring of rings (torus) (by Stefan Kamphausen)

mtrace.el — keep track of hidden buffer changes (by Michele Bini)

multi-mode.el — support for multiple major modes using indirect buffers (by Dave Love)

multi-mode-mode.el — Switches between major modes, depending on position of point in file (by Paolo Gianrossi)

multi-region.el — Mapping commands over multiple active regions. (by Lawrence Mitchell)

multiselect.el — Select non-contiguous regions and yank them later (by Stefan Kamphausen)

muse.el — An authoring and publishing tool for Emacs (by Michael Olson)

musical-letters.el — play the fluidsynth software synthesizer (by Joe Corneli)

mutt.el — Use Emacs 20 as an external editor for the Mutt mailer (by Eric Kidd)

mutt-alias.el — Lookup/insert mutt mail aliases. (by Dave Pearson)


namazu.el — Interface to namazu, a full-text search engine (by Namazu group)

naos.el — Naos User Frontend for GNU Emacs (by Klaus Schilling)

narrow-stack.el — [Allow to narrow within a narrowed region] (by Jesper Kjær Pedersen)

natsel.el — [Richard Dawkin’s natural selection for evolving strings] (by L Srinivasa Mohan)

navi.el — Subroutine Navigator mode (by Sunagawa Youichi)

nc.el — emulate famous ms-dog file browser (by Ilya Zakharevich)

necs.el — necs mode (by Dennis Haney)

neophyte.el — Makes it easier to learn emacs (by Alan Shutko)

nero.el — a fast Lynx-based browser for Emacs (by Joe Corneli)

net-utils.el — Network functions (by Peter Breton)

nethack.el — run Nethack as a subprocess (by Ryan Yeske)

netrexx-mode.el — highlight and indent Netrexx program files. (by Arjan Bos)

newcomment.el — (un)comment regions of buffers (by Stefan Monnier)

newmail-modeline.el — [GNUS feature to report waiting mail in modeline] (by Joakim Hove)

news-hack.el — create newsrc buffers for foreign groups (by Gareth Owen)

newsticker.el — A Newsticker for Emacs. (by Ulf Jasper)

ngn.el — Quickly insert a newsgroup name into a buffer using completion. (by Dave Pearson)

nnir.el — search mail with various search engines (by Kai Grossjohann)

nnir-grepmail.el — A grepmail plugin for nnir.el (by Nevin Kapur)

nnmairix.el — Mairix back end for Gnus, the Emacs newsreader (by David Engster)

Notebook-mode.el — [notebook mode for communicating with other processes] (by Fred Gylys-Colwell)

notes-mode.el — [An indexing system for on-line note-taking] (by John Heidemann)

novice+.el — extensions to standard library `novice.el’ (by Drew Adams)

noweb.el — noweb mode for literate programming (by Dave Love)

noweb-mode.el — edit noweb files with GNU Emacs (by Thorsten Ohl)

noweb-outline.el — [Show the outline of a noweb document] (by Dan Schmidt)

nqmbm.el — advanced mouse buffer menu mainly for win32 (by Stefan Daschek)

nrnhoc.el — major mode for Neuron HOC dot-hoc files (by David C. Sterratt)

nroff-filladapt.el — filladapt setups for nroff comments (by Kevin Ryde)

ns-browse.el — view html-enriched mail/news buffers using Netscape for you (by Noah Friedman)

nt-url.el — Glue between browse-url.el and WWW browser on Windows95 & NT. (by Kim Storm)

nuke-whitespace.el — strip trailing whitespace from buffers (by Noah Friedman)

numbered-outline.el — Numbered Outline mode (by Gareth Rees)

nxhtml.el — Edit XHTML files (by Lennart Borgman)

nxml-mode.el — a new XML mode (by James Clark)


obarray-fns.el — obarray-manipulating routines (by Noah Friedman)

oberon-2.el — major mode for editing Oberon-2 source code (by Karl Landström)

obfusurl.el — Obfuscate URLs so they aren’t spoilers (by Dave Pearson)

occur-x.el — Extra functionality for occur (by Juan-Leon Lahoz)

oct.el — some GNU octave functions in elisp. (by D. Goel)

omdoc-mode.el — Major mode for composing/editing/looking at OMDoc files. (by Peter Jansen)

oneonone.el — [define a special multi-frame setup] (by Drew Adams)

oo-browser.el — [advanced object-oriented class browser] (by Bob Weiner)

OpenGL.el — Minor mode commands for editing OpenGL C/C++ code. (by Sriram Karra)

options+.el — extensions to standard library `options.el’ (by Drew Adams)

orbix.el — Emacs Orbix utilities and functions (by Peter Breton)

order-head.el — re-arrange mail headers into pleasing order (by Noah Friedman)

org.el — Outline-based notes management and organizer (by Carsten Dominik)

org-mouse.el — Better mouse support for org-mode (by Piotr Zielinski )

organizer-mode.el — major mode for editing organizer list files (by Tom Shannon)

orthodox.el — Save the orthodox keymap before hacking it (by Will Mengarini)

orwell.el — Exchange [C-h] & [DEL] without affecting prefix mappings. (by Will Mengarini)

osx-osascript.el — invoke osascript on OSX (by Harley Gorrell)

osx-typecreator.el — Set OSX type and creator (by Harley Gorrell)

outdent.el — Indentation-based outline exposure and maneuvering (by Ken Manheimer)

outline+.el — extensions to standard library `outline.el’ (by Drew Adams)

outline-magic.el — outline mode extensions for Emacs (by Carsten Dominik)


p4.el — Simple Perforce-Emacs Integration (by Rajesh Vaidheeswarran)

pabbrev.el — Predictive abbreviation expansion (by Phillip Lord)

padr.el — Converts USR Palm OS PDF text to HTML, TeXinfo, and ASCII. (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

pager.el — windows-scroll commands [alternate scroll-up and scroll-down] (by Mikael Sjödin)

palette.el — Color palette useful with RGB, HSV, and color names (by Drew Adams)

paren-glint.el — Unhighlight matching paren after a timeout (by Karl Landström)

password.el — Read passwords from user, possibly using a password cache. (by Simon Josefsson)

pb-popup.el — ensure display of a process buffer when new output arrives (by Noah Friedman)

pbook.el — Format a program listing for LaTeX. (by Luke Gorrie)

pc-bufsw.el — Support for a quick switch between Emacs buffers. (by Igor Boukanov)

pc-keys.el — smart ‘home’ and ‘end’ keys (by Kai Grossjohann)

pcl-cvs.el — A Front-end to CVS. (by Stefan Monnier)

pcmpl-arch.el — functions for dealing with arch/tla completions (by Sacha Chua)

pdb.el — [ Python Debugging from Emacs, via gud.el] (by Wolfgang Weitz)

pdb.el — major mode for editing Protein Databank files (by Dave Love)

perkymbf.el — dedicated minibuffer frame that highlights when prompting (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

perl-myvar.el — Declare lexicaly scoped vars as my(). (by Harley Gorrell)

perldoc.el — Show help for Perl functions, builtins, and modules. (by Steve Kemp)

pg.el — Emacs Lisp socket-level interface to the PostgreSQL RDBMS (by Helmut Eller)

pgp-wrapper.el — Runs PGP command-lines (by Peter Breton)

phonebook.el — a mode to keep a phone/address book (by Jay Belanger)

phonemode.el — number→letter and letter→number (by Deepak Goel)

php-mode.el — major mode for editing PHP source files (by Fred Yankowski)

php-mode.el — major mode for editing PHP3 code [2] (by Turadg Aleahmad)

php-mode.el — major mode for editing PHP code [3] (by Vincent DEBOUT)

pick-backup.el — easy access to versioned backup files (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

pilot-doc.el — write the current buffer out to a PalmOS device as a doc formated file. (by Daryn W Hanright)

pilot-memo.el — write the current buffer out to ones’ Palm device as a memo. (by Andrew J Cosgriff)

planner.el — The Emacs Planner (by John Sullivan)

playlist.el — A music file playlist (by Shawn Betts)

plimode.el — [Electric PLI mode: indenting and flashing and filling] (by Mark Riggle)

pls-mode.el — An Emacs major-mode for editing PL/SQL source. (by Dmitry Nizhegorodov)

plsql.el — Programming support for PL/SQL code (by Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson)

pmd.el — Major mode for plugging PMD [java source code analyzer] into Emacs. (by Nascif A. Abousalh-Neto)

pmwiki.el — edit PmWiki pages within Emacs (by Christian Ridderström)

po-mode.el — for helping GNU gettext lovers to edit PO files. (by François Pinard)

pointback.el — Restore window points when returning to buffers (by Markus Triska)

pom.el — Utility functions for dealing with maven project.xml files (by Ole Arndt)

pomodoro.el — Pomodoro Technique for emacs (by Ivan Kanis)

pong.el — Emacs implementation of pong (by Benjamin Drieu)

pop-mode.el — major mode for editing Pop-11 code. (by Brian Logan)

popup-menu.el — pop up a menu under the mouse pointer (by Robert Kiesling)

post.el — Use (X?)Emacs(client) as an external editor for mail and news. (by Eric Kidd)

pov-mode.el — Major mode for editing PoVray scene Files (by Marco Pessotto)

powershell.el — run powershell as an inferior shell in emacs (by Dino Chiesa)

power-macros.el — [manage a group of keyboard macros with descriptions] (by Jesper K. Pedersen)

pp+.el — extensions to standard library `pp.el’ (by Drew Adams)

pp-c-l.el — display C-l (page-break; form-feed) characters in a pretty way (by Drew Adams)

predictive.el — predictive completion minor mode for Emacs (by Toby Cubitt)

prefixkey.el — Prefix key processing. (by Zajcev Evgeny)

pretty-minibuffer.el — Give the minibuffer a face (by Daniel Lundin)

preview.el — embed preview LaTeX images in source buffer (by David Kastrup)

prg-comment.el — This package helps to comment source code (by Aurélien Tisné)

printing.el — Printing utilities (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

proc-mode.el — Major mode for working with Proc files in EMACS. (by Pat Thoyts)

progr-align.el — Align stuff via regexpressions found in the buffer (by Stefan Reichoer)

project.el — Keep track of time devoted to projects (by Alan Shutko)

proofgen.el — [Generic Emacs interface for proof assistants] (by Proof General maintainer)

properties.el — non-intrusive file local variables (by Thomas Link)

prosper.el — Prosper style file for AUCTeX (by Nevin Kapur)

protbuf.el — protect buffers from accidental killing (by Noah Friedman)

protocols.el — Protocol database access functions. (by Dave Pearson)

ps-mode.elPostScript mode for GNU Emacs [1] (by Peter Kleiweg)

ps-mode.el — mode for editing postscript code [2] (by Lars-Olof Öhberg)

ps-print.el — print text from the buffer as PostScript (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

ps-print-19.el — print text from the buffer as PostScript (Emacs 19) (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

ps2pdf.el — Convert Postscript to PDF (by Mathias Dahl)

psgml.el — SGML-editing mode with parsing support (by Lennart Staflin)

psgml-dsssl.el — create a skeleton DSSSL spec for an SGML document. (by David Megginson)

psgml-jade.el — add jade, jadetex and customize support to psgml. (by Matthias Clasen)

psgml-table.el — Editing table for SGML-mode (by Erik Helander)

psql.el — Mode for editing postgres sql (by James H Gorrell)

psvn.el — Subversion interface for emacs (by Stefan Reichoer)

punycode.el — An ASCII compatible Unicode encoding format. (by Simon Josefsson)

puzzle.el — slide puzzle for Emacs (by Matthew P. Hodges)

pwsafe.el — emacs interface to pwsafe (by Stefan Reichoer)

python-mode.el — Major mode for editing Python programs (by Barry A. Warsaw)


qflib.el — [utilities for writing java code and with free Java library qflib] (by Quality First Software)

qpdecode.el — decode mime quoted-printable messages (by Noah Friedman)

qsearch.el — simple isearch implemented as a quasimode (by Alex Schroeder)

quack.el — support for editing and running PLT MzScheme code (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

querer.el — Display menu/message, QUERY for options, and select one. (by D. Goel)

quick-yes.el — M-y to answer “yes” to ‘yes-or-no-p’ (by Kevin Ryde)

quickurl.el — Insert an URL based on text at point in buffer. (by Dave Pearson)

quotes.el — a mode to keep list of easily searchable quotes (by Jay Belanger)


rails.el — minor mode for editing RubyOnRails code (by Galinsky Dmitry)

rain.el — display raindrops in a buffer (by Ryan Yeske)

random-man.el — generate a random unix manual page each time. (by Sriram Karra)

rational.el — rational number in factorial-base format (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

rays.el — [Game of Rays] (by Dmitri Priimak)

rcirc.el — lightweight emacs irc client (by Ryan Yeske )

re-builder.el — Building Regexps with visual feedback (by Detlev Zundel)

read-library.el — read library from minibuffer with completion (by Gareth Rees)

recent-addresses.el — store and recall recently used email addresses (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

recent-files.el — Maintain menu of recently opened files. (by Juergen Nickelsen)

recentf.el — Setup a menu of recently opened files (by David Ponce)

records.el — [Indexes your personal journal/diary by subject and date.] (by Ashvin Goel)

rect-mark.el — Mark a rectangle of text with highlighting. (by Rick Sladkey)

redo.el — Redo/undo system for XEmacs (by Kyle Jones)

reduce.el — REDUCE code editing mode for GNU Emacs. (by Francis J. Wright)

refill.el‘auto-fill’ by refilling paragraphs on changes (by Dave Love)

reftex.el — Minor mode for doing \label, \ref and \cite in LaTeX (by Carsten Dominik)

regress.el — Regression test harness for Emacs Lisp code (by Tom Breton)

remem.el — implements emacs front-end for the remembrance agent (by Bradley Rhodes)

remember.el — a mode for quickly jotting down things to remember (by Sacha Chua)

replace+.el — extensions to standard library `replace.el’ (by Drew Adams)

reporter.el — customizable bug reporting of lisp programs (by Barry A. Warsaw)

require-all.el — Load all files beneath a named directory. (by Steve Kemp)

revbufs.el — reverts all out-of-date buffers safely (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

revive.el — [Save current editing status and window configuration.] (by HIROSE Yuuji)

rewrite.el — rewrite text files with easier regular expression handling. (by Mutsumi Komuro)

rfc.el — [see rfc-view.el] (by Kaarthik Sivakumar)

rfc-util.el — RFC-util interface for emacs. (by Kevin A. Burton)

rfc-view.el — See RFC’s narrowed to pages. Jump to a page number. (by Kaarthik Sivakumar)

rfc2104.elRFC 2104 Hashed Message Authentication Codes (by Simon Josefsson)

rfcr.el — Interface to RFC repository at (by Sami Salkosuo)

rfcview.el — view IETF RFCs with readability-improved formatting (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

rfringe.el — display the relative location of the region, in the fringe. (by Dino Chiesa)

ri.el — browse the output of the ri command (by Colin Steele)

riece.el — yet another IRC client for Emacs (by Daiki Ueno)

rightjustify.el — Right justifies the region (by Lars Clausen)

rijndael.el — Rijndael (AES) block cipher implementation (by Simon Josefsson)

ring+.el — extensions to standard library `ring.el’ (by Drew Adams)

(brief tutorial) rk-nym.el — nym services support for Mailcrypt and Gnus (by Richard Klinda)

rk-todo.el — very simple todo (paragraph) sorter (by Richard Klinda)

rlogin.el — remote login interface (by Noah Friedman)

rmail-mime.el — MIME extender for RMAIL (by TM mailing list)

rmail-spam-filter.el — filter spam in rmail based on sender, subject and contents. (by Eli Tziperman)

rmime.el — read MIME messages (by Ray Moody)

rotate.el — rotate region or rectangle 90 degrees. (by Lars R. Clausen)

rpm.el — a dired-like major mode for the “Red Hat Package Manager” (by Detlev Zundel)

rs-info.el — Some info related functions (by Reiner Steib)

rsi-brk.el — Periodic R.S.I. typing breakes (by Davin Pearson)

rss-helper.el — Utilities for using RSS files with Gnus (by Mark A. Hershberger)

rst.elReStructuredText Support for Emacs (by Martin Blais, Stefan Merten, and David Goodger.)

rsz-mini.el — dynamically resize minibuffer to display entire contents (by Noah Friedman)

rtf.el — Mode for editing RTF documents. (by Oliver Scholz)

rtf-support.el — MS Rich Text Format support functions (by Alastair J. Houghton)

ruby-mode.el — Mode for editing Ruby code. (by Yukihiro Matsumoto)

run-command.el — Library to facilitate running external commands (by Peter Breton)


safescrollmouse.el — Adds a timeout mechanism to scroll mice to prevent accidental button-2 presses (by Brady Montz)

saft-to.el — Interface to the Simple Asynchronous File Transfer program. (by Andreas Fuchs)

sandbox.el — Help run untrusted code (by Tom Breton)

sas-mode.el — [Indent and run SAS programs] (by Tom Cook)

save-history.el — Save mini-buffer histories between sessions (by Lars R. Clausen)

save-history.el — Save mini-buffer histories between sessions (by Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson)

saveframes.el — Save and restore frames (by Pekka Marjola)

savehist-20+.el — extensions to standard library savehist.el to make it available for Emacs 20 (by Drew Adams)

sawfish.el — Sawfish mode. [was Sawmill] (by Dave Pearson)

sb-heise.el — heise online shimbun backend (by David Hansen)

scan.el — [minor mode for Dired, used to scan (numbered) documents.] (by Michal Maru¹ka)

scanner.el — Create elisp scanners using Flex (by John Wiegley)

schedule.el — Simple schedule maintainer. (by John Wiegley)

scrat.el — access scratch like you do shell (by Joe Corneli)

screen-lines.el — screen line oriented point moving commands (by Yuji ‘bmonkey’ Minejima)

screenline.el — provides functions which move the cursor (by Yuji Minejima)

screenplay.el — Major mode for editing screenplays (by V. L. Simpson)

screenplay.el — support writing of plain text screenplays (by Alex Schroeder)

script.el — script mode (by Richard Sharman)

scroll-in-place.el — Improved Vertical Scrolling Commands (by Eric Eide)

second-sel.el — secondary-selection enhancements (by Drew Adams)

select-xface.el — Select X-Faces graphically (by Yuuichi Teranishi)

semantic.el — Semantic buffer evaluator. (by Eric M. Ludlam)

semi.el — [MIME features for GNU Emacs] (by TM mailing list)

sendmail-alias.el — parse a sendmail-style alias file (by Noah Friedman)

sendmail-mode.el — major mode for editing Sendmail configuration files (by Jonathan Marten)

services.el — Services database access functions. (by Dave Pearson)

ses.el — Simple Emacs Spreadsheet (by Jonathan Yavner)

session.el — use vars, registers and file/buffer places across sessions (by Christoph Wedler)

setnu.el — vi-style line number mode for Emacs (by Kyle Jones)

setnu+.el — extensions to standard library `setnu.el’ (by Drew Adams)

setup.el — startup assignments: hooks etc. (by Drew Adams)

setup-cygwin.el — set up Emacs for using Cygwin (from Markus Hoenika) (by Drew Adams)

setup-keys.el — some key bindings (by Drew Adams)

sgml-id.el — set of functions for finding cross-referenced IDs (by Florian v. Savigny)

sh-autoconf.el — sh-mode flavour for editing autoconf files (by Kevin Ryde)

sha1.el — SHA1 Message Digest Algorithm. (by Keiichi Suzuki)

shbuf.el — [Sharing buffers between Emacs processes over the network] (by Luke Gorrie)

shell-command.el — [enable (tab)completion of commands and dir/filenames within the shell-command input] (by TSUCHIYA Masatoshi)

shell-toggle.el — Toggle to and from the shell buffer (by Mikael Sjödin)

shop.el — generate random shopping lists (by Noah Friedman)

show-wspace.el — commands to highlight whitespace: TABs, hard spaces, trailing whitespace (by Drew Adams)

sierotki.el — Introduce tildes after single-letter words (by Jakub Narebski)

sieve-mode.el — Sieve code editing commands for Emacs (by Simon Josefsson)

sig-quote.el — Add quotes to signature according to recipients (RMAIL/MH-E/Gnus) (by Trey Jackson)

sigadapt.el — Select signature depending on mailee. (by Christian Queinnec)

sigbegone.el — exorcize annoying isp ads and other sigs from emails (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

silly-mail.el — generate bozotic mail headers (by Noah Friedman)

simple+.el — extensions to standard library `simple.el’ (by Drew Adams)

simple-call-tree.el — analyze source code based on font-lock text-properties (by Alex Schroeder)

simplemerge.el — [Major mode to help resolve conflicts in merge(1) output] (by Peter Österlund)

slashdot.el — Download headlines from, and make viewing simple. (by Steve Kemp)

smart-compile.el — an interface to ‘compile’ (by Seiji Zenitani)

smart-dnd.el — user-configurable drag-n-drop feature (by Seiji Zenitani)

smartsig.el — Smart signature selection based on message content. (by Dave Pearson)

smarty-mode.el — major mode for editing Smarty templates (by Vincent DEBOUT)

smime.el — S/MIME support library (by Simon Josefsson)

sml-mode.el. — Major mode for editing (Standard) ML (by Stefan Monnier)

smyrno.el — a Jabber client for Emacs (by Edward O’Connor)

soap.el — Simple Object Access Protocol support for Emacs (by Edward O’Connor)

sorter.el — cycles dired listing between name/date/extension/size (by Tom Wurgler)

sourcepair.el — Load the corresponding C/C++ header or source file for the current buffer (by Mohamed Hendawi)

spam-stat.el — detecting spam based on statistics (by Alex Schroeder)

spamprobe.el — spamprobe utils for emacs. (by Dave Pearson)

spamprod.el — generate spam complaint email (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

spamtrap.el — Check message recipients for spam traps (by Lars Clausen)

specman-mode.el — Mode for editing specman files (by Michael McNamara)

spectre-mode.el — major mode providing a spectre mode hook for fontification (by Geert Van der Plas)

speechd.el — Library for accessing Speech Dispatcher (by Milan Zamazal)

speedbar — quick access to files and tags in a frame (by Eric M. Ludlam)

speedread.el — Read/display a buffer in chunks (by Bob Newell)

spell-number.el — Spell an integer or currency. (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

spice-mode.el — major mode providing a spice mode hook for fontification (by Geert Van der Plas & Emmanuel Rouat)

split-root.el — Emacs root window splitter (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

spokes.el — Calculate [bike] spokes length (by Bob Newell)

spread.el — A very simple spreadsheet mode for GNU emacs (by Guillaume Marceau)

sql.el — specialized comint.el for SQL interpreters (by Alex Schroeder)

sql-indent.el — indentation of SQL statements (by Alex Schroeder)

sql-mode.el — modes for editing SQL code and interacting with SQL servers (by SQL mode maintainer)

sql-transform.el — transform SQL statements (by Alex Schroeder)

sqlplus-html.el — Render SQL*Plus HTML output on-the-fly. (by Hrvoje Niksic)

sqlplus-mode.el — Mode for editing SQL and testing via SQL*Plus. (by Martin Schwenke)

sr-mode.el — [Mode for editing sr programs] (by Thomas Lofgren)

sregex.el — symbolic regular expressions (by Bob Glickstein)

ssh.el — remote login interface (by Noah Friedman)

start.el — main Emacs startup file: require/autoload other files (by Drew Adams)

start-opt.el — some customizations to be done at the end of startup (by Drew Adams)

starteam.el — VC-type mode for StarTeam (by Matthew O. Smith)

stock-quote.el — Grab a stock quote (delayed) from the Net (by John Wiegley)

stout.el — [Major/Minor mode for managing structured outlines] (by Tom Breton)

strings.el — miscellaneous string functions (by Drew Adams)

struct+.el — extensions to Common Lisp structs (by Tom Schutzer-Weissmann)

StudlyCaps.elStudlyCapify as you type. (by Harley Gorrell)

stufe.el — Some Technical & Useful Functions for Emacs (by Thomas Degris)

sudoku.el — Simple sudoku game, can download puzzles from the web. (by Jesse Rosenthal)

suggbind.el — suggest key bindings for M-x commands AFTER they complete (by Noah Friedman)

sunrise-commander.el — Two-pane file manager for Emacs based on Dired and inspired by MC. (by José Alfredo Romero L.)

super-fold.el — Minor mode which adds cool folding capabilities to Emacs (by Paolo Gianrossi)

supertab.el — Enhanced TAB in Lisp-based modes. (by Christian Queinnec)

survey.el — conduct survey and email results. (by Thien-Thi Nguyen)

swbuff.el — Quick switch between Emacs buffers. (by David Ponce)

swiftex.el — major modes for LaTeX and LaTeX doc.sty documents (by Matt Swift)

swiss-move.el — Swiss Cursor Movement (by Stefan Kamphausen)

switch-files.el — [switch between matched pairs of files and for following include directives] (by Wes Hardaker)

sww.el — Switch to a named window on win32 systems (by Stefan Reichör)

synonyms.el — search and browse a hyperlinked thesaurus (by Drew Adams)

sys.el — Determine which kind of system Emacs is running. (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

syslog-mode.el — Mode for viewing system logfiles (by Harley Gorrell)


tab-display.el — tab display code for managing tabs visually. (by A: Kevin A. Burton)

tabbar.el — Display a tab bar in the header line (by David Ponce)

table.el — create and edit text based embedded tables (by Takaaki Ota)

tabs.el — [Display tabs, one per buffer, at top of window.] (by Zack Rusin)

tacl-mode.el — Handles the Tandem/NSK/Guardian TACL language. (by Rick Bielawski)

tagbody.el — Common Lisp ‘tagbody’ for Emacs Lisp (by Michael Abraham Shulman)

tail.el — “tail -f” a file or a command form within Emacs; (by Benjamin Drieu)

tail-mode.el — follow the growing tail of a file in Emacs (by Daniel Pfeiffer)

tal-mode.el — Handles the Tandem-Compaq-HP TAL & pTAL languages. (by Rick Bielawski)

talcum.el — [Extra features for editing LaTeX files] (by Ulrich M. Schwarz)

tc.el — [trivial-cite] text with proper filling (by Lars R. Clausen)

tehom-3.el — Routines to save & restore elisp objects (by Tom Breton)

tehom-psgml.el — Psgml extensions (by Tom Breton)

tehom-psgml-fold-by-key.el — Fold/unfold XML according to keywords (by Tom Breton)

tehom-psgml-link.el — bare-bones hyperlinks in psgml (by Tom Breton)

tellib.el — Thomas’ ELisp LIBrary (by Thomas Link)

tempbuf.el — kill unused buffers in the background (by Michele Bini)

template.el — file templates and headers, standardized comments (by Christoph Wedler)

tempo-snippets.el — visual insertion of tempo (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

test-case-mode.el — unit test front-end (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

testcover.el — Pretty interface to edebug code-coverage (by Jonathan Yavner)

tex-letter.el — Inserting LaTeX letter templates with a menu (by Stefan Kamphausen)

tex-math-preview.el — preview TeX math expressions (by Kevin Ryde)

tex-mma.el — Major modes for interaction with Mathematica from a TeX buffer (by Dan Dill)

tex-wcount.el — keep a running count of words in a latex buffer (by Seb James)

texi-docstring-magic.el — munge internal docstrings into texi (by David Aspinall)

texinfo-markup.el — Publish an emacs-wiki file using Texinfo markup (by John Wiegley)

texletter.elLaTeX letter templates (by Stefan Kamphausen)

text-to-html.el — Plain-text to HTML converter. (by Marco Parrone)

textstats.el — Show text statistics (by Thomas Link)

thesaurus.el — [Access via perl scripts to Roget’s thesaurus] (by Darryl Okahata)

tfs.el — MS Team Foundation Server commands for Emacs. (by Dino Chiesa)

thing-cmds.el — commands to select things at or near the cursor (by Drew Adams)

thingatpt+.el — extensions to standard library `thingatpt.el’ (by Drew Adams)

thinks.el — Insert text in a think bubble. (by Dave Pearson)

thumb-frm.el — thumbnail frames: a fisheye view and an alternative to iconifying (by Drew Adams)

thumbs.el — Thumbnails previewer for images files (by Jean-Philippe Theberge)

tidy.el — Interface to Dave Raggett’s the HTML Tidy program (by Kal Hodgson)

tiger.el — Mode for editing programs written in Appel’s Tiger language. (by Edward O’Connor)

tildify.el — adding hard spaces into texts (by Milan Zamazal)

timeclock-x.el — Extra features for John Wiegley’s timeclock (by Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson)

timer+.el — extensions to standard library `timer.el’ (by Drew Adams)

timerfunctions.el — Enhancements to timer.el. (by Deepack Goel)

timingup.el — Minor mode which adds timing informations to buffer (by Paolo Gianrossi)

tint-instances.el — Tint all instances of the current word. (by Bruno Daniel)

tiny-tools — Jari Aalto’s collection of tiny tools. (by Jari Aalto)

title-time.el — Display time etc in the title bar (by Kahlil (Kal) Hodgson)

tld.el — explain top-level domain names (by Dave Pearson)

tmenu.el — a text based interface to the menubar (by Yuji ‘bmonkey’ Minejima)

tmmofl.el — a minor mode which toggles other minor modes based on font lock info (by Phillip Lord)

tnt.el — Emacs client for AIM, AOL’s free instant messaging service. (by Unknown?)

todo.el — A mode to support ToDo files containing scripts or mails. (by Christian Queinnec)

todo-mode.el — Major mode for editing TODO list files (by Oliver Seidel)

todoo.el — Major mode for editing TODO files (by Daniel Lundin)

toggle-buffer.el — fast switching between two buffers; (by Joseph L. Casadonte Jr)

toggle-case.el — a set of functions to toggle the case of characters; (by Joseph L. Casadonte Jr)

toggle-option.el — easily toggle frequently toggled options (by Cyprian Laskowski)

toggle-source.el — Toggle between source and implementation files. (by Steve Kemp)

tool-bar+.el — extensions to standard library `tool-bar.el’ (by Drew Adams)

toolbox.el — create simple menus in buffers (by Alex Schroeder)

tpum.el — Popup menus in text mode. (by Zajcev Evgeny)

track-scroll.el — Enable direct scrolling with the mouse (by Stefan Kamphausen)

tramp.el — Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol [was rcp.el] (by Kai Grossjohann)

trans.el — translation of characters via multibyte table or coding system (by Dave Love)

translate.el — use a wordlist to do simple translation (by Holger Schauer)

translation.el — translation minor mode (by Christophe Deleuze)

trashcan.el — A recoverable file deletion system (by Davin Pearson)

tree-widget.el — [widget useful to display data structures organized in hierarchical order] (by David Ponce)

tsql-indent.el — indents TSQL (and other SQL) statements (by Tom Pierce)

tty-format.el — decode backspace overstrikes and ANSI colours (by Kevin Ryde)

twiddle.el — mode-line display hack (by Noah Friedman)

two-mode-mode.el — switches between tcl and sgml(html) modes (by David Welton)

type-break.el — encourage rests from typing at appropriate intervals (by Noah Friedman)

typematic.el — Optimize ‘universal-argument for typematic keyboards (by Will Mengarini)

typing.el — The Typing Of Emacs [game variant on ‘Dead on the Dreamcast’] (by Alex Schroeder)

typopunct.el — Automatic typographical punctuation marks (by Oliver Scholz)


u-appt.el — Appointment parser (by Ulf Jasper)

u-color-cycle.el — eye-candy (by Ulf Jasper)

u-mandelbrot.el — A simple fractal browser (by Ulf Jasper)

u-vm-color.el — Font-lock support for VM. (by Ulf Jasper)

u8tex.el — [input unicode via TeX notation] (by Sergei Pokrovsky)

uboat.el — generate u-boat-death messages, patterned after Iron Coffins (by Noah Friedman)

umlaute.el — support for german umlaute (by Roland Winkler)

unaccent.el — functions dealing with accented characters (by Drew Adams)

under.el — underline a region with ^ characters; (by Benjamin Drieu)

undo-browse.el — Powerful Undo system. Browser/movie/redo/hilit (by D. Goel)

undo-group.el — Undo groups of changes (by James H Gorrell)

undoc.el — strip MS Word-style formatting to leave a readable ASCII file (by Joshua Guttman)

unibasic.el — Major mode for working with UniBasic files in EMACS. (by Pat Thoyts)

unicode.el — Unicode encoding for GNU Emacs (by Otfried Cheong)

unicode-input.el — Inputting a Unicode subset in TeX transcription. (by Florian Weimer)

uniq.el — Remove duplicate lines (by Art Taylor)

units.el — units conversion using units.dat (by Linh Dang)

unmunge-general.el — Change address/sig with context in gnus (by Gareth Owen)

unsafep.el — Determine whether a Lisp form is safe to evaluate (by Jonathan Yavner)

unscroll.el — functions to restore the screen after scrolling (by Bob Glickstein)

uptime.el — [Report uptime of an emacs process.] (by David N. Welton)

uptimes.el — Track and display emacs session uptimes. (by Dave Pearson)

uuinsert.el — [uu-encode/decode files and directories into text buffers] (by Benjamin Pierce)


vbnet-mode.el — A mode for editing Visual Basic .NET programs. (by Dino Chiesa)

vc+.el — extensions to standard library `vc.el’ (by Drew Adams)

vc-.el — extensions to standard library `vc.el’ (by Drew Adams)

vc-darcs.el — a VC backend for darcs (by Juliusz Chroboczek)

vc-hooks+.el — extensions to standard library `vc-hooks.el’ (by Drew Adams)

vcard.el — vcard parsing and display routines (by Noah Friedman)

vel.el — An extra velocity-based scroll-method. (by Deepak Goel)

verbiste.el — Emacs interface to verbiste (by Ben Voui)

verilog-mode.el — major mode for editing verilog source in Emacs (by Michael McNamara)

version-info.el — Some utilities for operating on lisp file versions. (by Steve Kemp)

versions.el — version string comparison (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

vhdl-mode.el — major mode for editing VHDL code (by VHDL Mode Maintainers)

vimpulse.el — emulates Vim’s most useful features, including Visual mode (by Jason Spiro)

visit-url.el — Front-end function to the ‘browse-url’ package (by John Wiegley)

vkill.el — view and kill Unix processes from within Emacs (by Noah Friedman)

vline.el — highlight a column (by Taiki Sugawara)

vlog-mode.el — a new major mode for editing verilog files (by Sun Yijiang)

vm.el — another mail reader within Emacs (by Robert Fenk (taken over from Kyle Jones))

vm-biff.el — a xlbiff like tool for VM (by Robert Fenk)

vm-bogofilter.el — [interface between VM and the bogofilter spam filter] (by Bjorn Knutsson)

vm-grepmail.el — VM interface for grepmail (by Robert Fenk)

vm-multdom.el — multiple-domain reply header manipulation for VM (by Noah Friedman)

vm-pcrisis.el — wide-ranging auto-setup for personalities in VM (by Rob Hodges)

vm-pine.el — Draft handling of messages and other helpful functions for VM. (by Robert Fenk)

vm-ps-print.el — PS-printing functions for VM (by Robert Fenk)

vm-serial.el — [automatic creation of personalized emails] (by Robert Fenk)

vm-vcard.el — vcard parsing and formatting routines for VM (by Noah Friedman)

volctrl.el — Elisp interface to controling audio output (by Anand B Pillai)

vorbiscomment.el — Edit comments in Ogg Vorbis files (by Jesper Harder)

vov-mode.el — Major modes for VOV and Chivas (by Paolo Gianrossi)

vtx.el — a package for reading videotext [tar.gz file] (by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen)

vvb-mode.el — a minor mode to display a Visible Vertical Bar(s) (by Jerry G. Chen)

vvb-mode2.el — a minor mode to display a Visible Vertical Bar(s) [works with Emacs] (by Jerry G. Chen)


w3.el — [The fully customizable web browser for Emacs.] (by W3 mailing list)

w32-browser.el — same file as `w-browser.el’ (by Drew Adams)

w32-faq.el — Download, and display the NTEmacs FAQ (by Steve Kemp)

w32-net-send.el — send messages using “net send” (by Mathias Dahl)

w32browser-dlgopen.el — use `w32browser.el’ with standard Windows Open File box. (by Drew Adams)

w3m-multibookmarks.el — lynx-like multiple bookmarks (by Daryl Bunce)

w3m-type-ahead.el — type ahead support for Emacs-w3m (by Matt Hodges)

w3mnav.el — add additional Info-like navigation to w3m (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

wajig.el — an interface for wajig (by William Xu)

wanderlust.el — [mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support] (by Yuuichi Teranishi)

warlord.el — annoy denizens of (by Noah Friedman)

watson.el — query web search engines and aggregate results (by Eric Marsden)

wave.el — Editing Sound Files (by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen)

wb-line-number.el — window-based line number mode (by Naoki Nakamura)

wclock.el — world clock (by Ivan Kanis)

wcount.el — keep a running count of words in a buffer (by Bob Glickstein)

wdired.el — Rename files editing their names in dired buffers (by Juan Leon Lahoz Garcia)

webjump.el — programmable Web hotlist (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

webjump-plus.el — supplemental Web site list for webjump (by Neil W. Van Dyke)

weblogger.el — Weblog maintenance via XML-RPC APIs (by Mark A. Hershberger)

wget.el — wget interface for emacs (by Kevin A. Burton)

what-domain.el — top-level internet domain name information (by Noah Friedman)

which.el — search program in paths of variable ‘exec-path’ (by Christoph Conrad)

whitespace.el — Warn about and clean bogus whitespaces in the file. (by Rajesh Vaidheeswarran)

whizzytex.elWhizzyTeX, a WYSIWIG environment for LaTeX (by Didier Remy)

who-calls.el — Display all known callers of a function (by Jesper Harder)

wide-column.el — Calls functions dependant on column position. (by Phillip Lord)

wiki.el — Description: Maintain Wikis using Emacs (by Alex Schroeder)

wiki-inter.el — interwikis for wiki.el (by Alex Schroeder)

wiki-nav.el — simple file navigation using WikiStrings (by Roland Walker)

wiki-remote.el — edit pages on a remote wiki (by Alex Schroeder)

wikipedia-mode.el — Mode for editing Wikipedia articles off-line (by Chong Yidong)

wimpy-del.el — require confirmation for large region deletion (by Drew Adams)

windmove.el — directional window-selection routines (by Hovav Shacham)

window+.el — extensions to standard library `window.el’ (by Drew Adams)

window-numbering-mode.el — Numbered window shortcuts (by Nikolaj Schumacher)

windows.el — [switch between multiple favorite window configurations] (by HIROSE Yuuji)

winhist.el — window configuration history (by Bob Glickstein)

winpoint.el — Remember buffer positions per-window, not per buffer (by Jorgen Schaefer)

winring.el — Window configuration rings (by Barry A. Warsaw)

woman.el — browse UN*X manual pages `wo (without) man’ (by Francis J. Wright)

word-counter.el — Count words in the buffer and in region (by Rafael Sepúlveda)

word-wrap.el — [Return characters within a text paragraph are not saved.] (by unknown)

wordnet.el — A simple wordnet mode (by Thomas Link)

working.el — Display a “working” message in the minibuffer. (by Eric M. Ludlam)

worklog.el — keep track of stuff you do (by Arjen Wiersma)

ws-trim.el — Tools and minor mode to trim whitespace on text lines (by Martin Stjernholm)

wtf.el — Look up conversational and computing acronyms (by Michael Olson)

wup.el — [Selective recursive file copy, useful for website update] (by Thien-Thi Nguyen)

wwtime.el — Insert a time of day with appropriate world-wide localization (by Norman Walsh)


x-face.el — X-Face encoder/decoder/viewer for Emacsen. (by Katsumi Yamaoka)

x-face-e21.el — X-Face utilities for Emacs 21 (by Katsumi Yamaoka)

x-migrant.el — Support for subprocesses handling remote X displays (by Bryan O’Sullivan)

x-symbol.el — semi WYSIWYG for LaTeX, HTML, etc using additional fonts (by Christoph Wedler)

xae.el — XML Authoring Environment for Emacs. (by Paul Kinnucan)

xbase.el — A mode for editing Xbase programs. (by Dave Pearson)

xcscope.el — cscope interface for XEmacs (by Darryl Okahata)

xff.el — extended find-file (by Thomas Link)

xgtags.el — gtags facility for Emacs (by Marco Gidde)

xml-coding.el — coding system for XML files (Emacs 21) (by Kevin Ryde)

xml-lite.el — an indentation-engine for XML (by Mike Williams)

xml-parse.el — code to efficiently read/write XML data with Elisp (by John Wiegley)

xml-rpc.el — An elisp implementation of clientside XML-RPC (by Mark A. Hershberger)

xmlunicode.el — Unicode support for XML (by Norman Walsh)

xplain-mode.el — major mode for editing Xplain scripts. (by Berend de Boer)

xray.el — Display internal object structures in a temporary buffer. (by Vinicius Jose Latorre)

xrdb-mode.el — mode for editing X resource database files (by Barry A. Warsaw)

xref.el — maintain and use cross-references and hypertext links. (by Peter Stephenson)

xslide.el — Emacs Major Mode for XSL Stylesheets (by

xslt-process.el — Invoke an XSLT processor on an Emacs buffer (by Ovidiu Predescu)

xterm-extras.el — define additional function key sequences for recent versions of xterm (by Peter Heslin)

xterm-frobs.el — manipulate xterm when running emacs in tty mode (by Noah Friedman)

xtide.el — XTide display in Emacs (by Kevin Ryde)

xtla.el — Arch interface for emacs (by Stefan Reichoer)

xwem.el — [XEmacs Window Manager] (by Zajcev Evgeny)

xxml.el — Supplementary tools for handling SGML and HTML. (by François Pinard)


y2k-mode.el — Mode to highlights words like “date”, “time”, etc for year 2000 code walkthroughs. (by Christian Egli)

yaham.el — Yet Another HAskell Mode for GNU Emacs (by Ian Zimmerman)

yatex.el — Yet Another TeX mode for Emacs (by HIROSE Yuuji)


zoom-frm.el — commands to zoom frame (change font size) (by Drew Adams)