I love GnuEmacs, GnuScreen, ratpoison, and RubyLanguage.

EevMode is my partner for years.

[2008/08/25] I just released the next generation of Anything!!


Hi Rubikitch! I enjoyed reading RubikitchIciclesConfiguration, and I’m happy to see you experimenting with Icicles.

Wrt ‘ffap-guesser’: Have you tried setting ‘icicle-default-thing-insertion’ to ‘alternatives’? That will give you something similar to ‘ffap-guesser’, using `M-.’. It’s not very fancy, but I haven’t found that I needed anything fancier. See Icicles - Inserting Text from Cursor.

I gave up on ffap after only a short trial. It seemed too invasive, and I didn’t always like its guesses. In particular, in DiredMode, I rarely want to use the file name at point when I use ‘C-x f’ – if I want that, then I just use ‘RET’. See also the thread “key to yank text at point into minibuffer” from Feb. 2006.

On the other hand, it might be a good approach to access only selected parts of ffap on demand – i.e. ‘ffap-guesser’. IOW, I don’t want it all, in my face all the time, but if I can control what it gives me, that might not be bad.

Thanks again for contributing to Icicles. – DrewAdams

Yes. I read icicles’ docs throughout. I tried `M-.’.

I think guesses of ‘ffap-guesser’ are smart enough to opening dependent library from the ‘require’ sexp and so on. ‘ffap-alist’ defines many such patterns and I added my own patterns. But I sometimes feel bothersome like you when ‘ffap’ inserts guessed filename. So my config makes Emacs not automatically insert a guess, but insert easily if needed. Icicles provides a convenient answer for this bother. – rubikitch

I’ve updated Icicles options ‘icicle-thing-at-point-functions’ and ‘icicle-default-thing-insertion’, the former to include ‘ffap-guesser’ as the first function, the latter to use ‘alternatives’ as the default value. This means that `M-.’ in the minibuffer will use ‘ffap-guesser’ to insert text. Immediately subsequent uses of `M-.’ use alternative functions, replacing what the previous `M-.’ inserted. That gives you multiple guesses, not just one (‘ffap’).

You might still prefer your ‘C-e’ binding and combination of the insertion with an ‘end-of-line’ treatment, but consider using ‘icicle-insert-string-at-point’ for the insertion part: it will give you the same behavior, except that 1) subsequent ‘C-e’ will insert different things, and 2) ‘C-u’ can be used to accumulate text insertions (see Icicles - Inserting Text from Cursor, which I know you’ve read).

I also updated ffap-.el. It was calling ‘ffap-bindings’ (at top-level), which is bad. You might also take a look at it. Perhaps you would consider including your own ‘ffap’ configuration stuff (whatever it is) in a library that others can access. Depending on what it is and whether you thought it was appropriate, you could include your ‘ffap’ stuff in ffap-.el.

Thx for reminding me about ‘ffap-guesser’; that provoked me into including it for ‘icicle-thing-at-point-functions’. – DrewAdams

‘icicle-thing-at-point-functions’ is nice! I created ‘C-e’ binding because of lack of ‘ffap-guesser’ interface. – rubikitch

FYI - I updated Icicles - Inserting Text from Cursor to reflect the latest changes.

I went to rcodetools, which you say includes icicles-rcodetools.el, but I couldn’t figure out how to find icicles-rcodetools.el. How about explaining how to get it, or, better, provide a link to it? Even if it’s only intended for Ruby code, Icicles users (like me ;-)) might find it interesting. – DrewAdams

It is in the tarball. – rubikitch

Hello and welcome! Please feel free to add Japanese pages as well. Theoretically at least this wiki is multilingual. ;) – AlexSchroeder

There are already many Japanese pages☺ – rubikitch

I have started to work on oddmuse.el, but it seems to me that you are far more interested in it than I am. Would you be willing to take over maintainership? I think OddmuseMode would be in better off in your hands. – AlexSchroeder

Yes, but I have not signed FSF papers yet. I can update EmacsWiki pages easily thanks to OddmuseMode. – rubikitch

Well, since oddmuse.el is not part of Emacs, signing FSF papers is not important. ☺ – AlexSchroeder

I’m willing to! – rubikitch

I cannot get oddmuse-mode to work on Ms-Windows with cygwin. First it complains that egrep does not work, and after fixing that (by replacing with grep -E), when I try oddmuse-post it says that ‘last-modified’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. – KristjánJónasson

Sorry, I do not have any Windows PC. But I fixed egrep problem. Evaluate this sexp.

(shell-command-to-string (let ((url "") (oddmuse-page-name "OddmuseMode")) (oddmuse-format-command oddmuse-revision-check-command)))


Hot Damn, the anything package is so awesome. Thanks for your work on it. – JonathanArkell

Any news about the mailing list for Anything? I see more and more people starting using it, so it would come in handy to discuss and anounce features. --TamasPatrovics

I realize the want of ML and I’ll create google groups in English and Japanese. But sorry. I have no experience with ML administration, so I must study it. – rubikitch

Google Groups administration is very simple. It’s point and click. You give the group a name and it works. No experience is necessary. - Anonymous

Hi there, anything.el does not work when using the MacPorts version of Emacs 23 (emacs-app) in GUI mode on Mac OSX 10.5. However, it does work when it is run at the command line with the -nw switch. So I guess there must be some GUI-specific code in anything.el that doesn’t work under OSX. Any idea what might be wrong, and whether it’s possible to fix it? – Geoff Ferrari.

Please show me backtrace. – rubikitch

Hi, here’s the backtrace for the error reported above – Geoff Ferrari.

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Attempt to modify read-only object")
  modify-frame-parameters(#<frame *scratch* 0x5cc150> ((parent-id) (explicit-name) (display . "nacmacfeegle.local") (visibility . t) (icon-name) (window-id . "1") (top . 0) (left . 0) (buried-buffer-list) (buffer-list #<buffer *scratch*>) (unsplittable) (modeline . t) (width . 80) (height . 60) (border-color . "white") (mouse-color . "white") (environment) (background-mode . dark) (display-type . color) (horizontal-scroll-bars . t) (window-system . ns) (bufferd . t) (auto-lower) (auto-raise) (icon-type) (scroll-bar-width . 0) (cursor-type . box) (title) (buffer-predicate) (tool-bar-lines . 0) (menu-bar-lines . 1) (right-fringe . 11) (left-fringe . 10) (line-spacing) (cursor-color . "grey") (background-color . "black") (foreground-color . "white") (vertical-scroll-bars) (internal-border-width . 2) (border-width . 0) (fontsize . 0) (font . "-apple-Anonymous-medium-r-normal-Regular-11-*-*-*-*-*-fontset-startup") (nil . 0) (font-backend ns)))
  set-frame-configuration((frame-configuration (#<frame *scratch* 0x5cc150> (... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...) #<window-configuration>)))
  anything-set-frame/window-configuration((frame-configuration (#<frame *scratch* 0x5cc150> (... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...) #<window-configuration>)))

I do not know why, but evaluating the following sexp will remedy this problem.

(setq anything-save-configuration-functions '(set-window-configuration . current-window-configuration))

Are you still maintaining OddmuseMode ? I ask since you have switched to Yaoddmuse as your anything-source of choice.

I’m finding someone to take over OddmuseMode. – rubikitch

I am interested, yes. Out of curiosity, what are your motivations to stop maintaining this mode ? – Xavier Maillard

Yaoddmuse COMPLETELY replaced OddmuseMode and it should be the next generation. – rubikitch

If you agree, I will take over maintainership on OddmuseMode. – XavierMaillard

Yes, It’s yours! – rubikitch

Thank you – XavierMaillard

Here are the auto-install bugs for anything. I can’t do more than this now.

I have an auto install directory set and auto-install-replace-confirm set to t. I require auto-install.

I set pop-up-windows to nil. That might be significant.

The directory initially contains nothing. I do auto-install-batch RET anything RET.

3 buffers are created. The current buffer is not anything.el.

I do c-c c-c, and there are compilation errors. (I forgot when it asks me questions do you want to install do you want to replace but I answer yes to all.) End of file during parsing.

If I instead first switch buffer to anything.el, c-c c-c there yields better results, but there are still compilation errors.

Here are the results of compilation errors, not using auto-install but using B in dired.

anything.el compiles cleanly.

anything-match-plugin.elc:72:1:Warning: defface for ‘anything-match’ fails to specify containing group anything-match-plugin.elc:37:7:Error: End of file during parsing

In anything-semantic-default-action: anything-config.el:1628:36:Warning: reference to free variable ‘anything-semantic-candidates’

In anything-yaoddmuse-cache-pages: anything-config.el:113:54:Warning: reference to free variable ‘yaoddmuse-pages-hash’

In anything-emms-stream-edit-bookmark: anything-config.el:111:77:Warning: reference to free variable ‘emms-stream-list’

In anything-emms-stream-delete-bookmark: anything-config.el:111:3:Warning: reference to free variable ‘emms-stream-list’ anything-config.el:106:42:Error: End of file during parsing

Maybe it is just that anything does not compile cleanly. Apologies in advance if I did not use the wiki properly. ISTR that I had repeated other issues with auto-install where it did not install, but trying it again now if I ignore the compilation errors it seems to install 3 files from anything, at least.


Sorry for late reply. I fixed this bug. Update Lisp:auto-install.el! – rubikitch

AutoInstall has to support proxy! otherwise the corporate programmer can’t do anything! Can we steal from emacs-w3m or something? - hsu

Set ‘url-proxy-services’. For example: (setq url-proxy-services ‘((“http” . “localhost:8339”))) – rubikitch

Did you plan making a batch install with AutoInstall for org-mode ? - BlueDian

– Please list up URLs of org-mode component. Then I’ll add them to AutoInstall. – rubikitch

Here the URL of org-mode (download section)

Seems that ScreenShot does not work properly with Emacs 23 – last or default scheme is not used when asking for scheme name. Emacs 23 requires the following: (2 arguments removed)

(completing-read "Scheme: " (mapcar 'car screenshot-schemes)
    nil t (or screenshot-default-scheme

Also, it would be nice to message URL to status bar, so that user knows when async process of snapshotting is complete.

This version of screenshot.el has both issues fixed, not sure though if it works under 22 properly. — IvanKorotkov

– Applied! thanks – rubikitch

It seems like AutoInstall has a lot of overlap with el-get. It would be interesting to see if the projects can contribute to one-another.


Hi, I am just about to go through the various Anything pages, and go through a massive cleanup, since it appears that the name has changed to helm. I noticed you made a change to Lisp:anything.el, which was one of the pages i was planning to delete (forwarding people to the helm package on github). is the Anything.el package still maintained on the wiki, and separate from helm? Thanks! – JonathanArkell

I have added autoloads to Lisp:screenshot.el, hope that is okay. Could you please add also add autoloads to Lisp:yaoddmuse.el; you can get my “patch” here: or

By the way have you considered moving to git (or another dvcs) and github (or another host)? That would make sending pull requests easier ;-) (Or just an email address where patches could be send would also be helpful.)


I went ahead and added the autoloads myself. – JonasBernoulli