Git is a distributed version control system much like Mercurial, Bazaar and DaRcs.

Official Front Ends

Emacs comes with a front end for Git, supporting a large subset of Git’s functionality.

If you are running an older Ubuntu version, you might get those Git Emacs contrib files from git-core, but for newer versions you will need to install git-el package with sudo apt-get install git-el.

Third-party Front Ends

These third-party packages are neither part of Git nor Emacs. These front ends support a large subset of Git’s functionality.


These packages are not “complete” front ends but “only” to certain Git features. Often they can be used in addition to the front ends mentioned above.

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Emacs from Git

Emacs uses Git since 2014-11-12.

For more information on building and developing Emacs, see:


Publicly hosted git repositories are also known as forges.

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